• Koodankulam Nuclear Plant : Risk Analysis and What to Expect – Part 3

    Passive core cooling system is the latest buzzword used by the top nuclear companies. This is the newest technique and part of the western nation’s third generation nuclear reactors. The larger VVER-1000 was developed after 1975 and falls under the second generation nuclear reactors. The attached drawing shows the cross-sectional view of the VVER-1000 containment….

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  • What does FDI in retail mean?

    December 2 (): The Union Cabinet passed a bill to increase foreign direct investment (FDI) to 51 per cent in multi-brand retail (like Walmart or Carrefour) and 100 per cent in single brand (like Starbucks or Zara). The government says its big step towards progress and bringing inflation down, opposition says it will ruin poor…

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  • Koodankulam Nuclear Plant and its fallout

    Recent developments on the Koodankulam Nuclear reactor are getting interesting every day with no clear conflict resolution on the horizon. We know that Electricity shortage and outage is a day to day affair in India. And it will become a much larger issue as Indian consumerism and confidence grows dangerously with little planning for the…

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  • Seeman address Tamil Americans via Video Conference

    Fremont, Nov 8 (): Director and Naam Tamilar Leader – Seeman is scheduled to address a meeting via video conference facility on November 12th, 2011. Though Seeman was having ten years multiple entry visas to visit US, he has been denied last week at the port of entry in USA. To circumvent an unwarranted decision…

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  • Native Place?

    Let’s get to the point; it’s a blog, not a novel you see. I am a software engineer (aka easy target), from Mannargudi (the land of Lord Sri Rajagopalaswamy), a small town in erstwhile Tanjore District, currently Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu. When I was 12 years old, my family moved to erstwhile Madras, currently Chennai,…

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  • Diagnose Diabetes in Restaurants Train Stations and Public Toilets?

    If you believe that a general physician only can suggest blood sugar checks please leave such notions. Now UK is experimenting a simple sugar screening test procedure which may revolutionist the public health procedures and policies all over the world. Regarding this news I should share my personal experience useful to anyone living anywhere in…

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  • Holy books and holy fears : Part 2

    Disclosure – As I continue, I may give a few example incidents from different religions. It is not to hurt anyones feeling, but to draw an example. It will be hard for me to give example from religions that are not prevalent anymore. It is made with the belief that readers are balanced, courageous and…

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  • Holy Books and Holy fears : Part 1

    I want to recount a few incidents, that are not very uncommon in conversations of Indians living in or outside India. The idea of sharing this snide remarks is to broach a topic that has a high human cost. A Muslim friend, “Did they teach your kid any thing from bible in school?” Me, “maybe…

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