• Playboy’s steep registration fees irk models

    New York, Oct 25 (ANI): Playboy’s practice of charging its models to show up to centerfold casting calls upsets model bookers. The magazine is requiring a registration fee of 19.95dollars to attend casting calls in various cities. It also charges models 49.99dollar and 59.99dollar for sets of their own photos taken at the calls. “You…

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  • China will burn hands by touching Tibetan language

    China should learn from India on what to do and from Srilanka on what not to do China speaks 292 languages belonging to seven linguistic families. Han Chinese represent 91.59 % of the population and hence their languages are standardized as Mandarin and is imposed as a lingua franca bridging several other nationalities. For historical…

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  • Cholera outbreak in Haiti kills more than 250

    Haiti, Oct 25 (): Health officials are preparing for a large scale outbreak of cholera in the earth quake hit region of Haiti where the outbreak has already killed 253 people and left more than 3,000 sick. Now there is raising fear that cholera could spread to the city of Port-au-Prince. Sanitation efforts and quarantine…

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  • Powerful earthquake hits Indonesia – Local tsunami watch announced

    The US geological survey has reported that an earthquake of 7.5 magnitude has hit the western coast of Indonesian island of Sumatra. A tsunami watch has been announced by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.  The warning center has announced a local tsunami watch and does not predict a major widespread destruction. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake…

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  • Madras Medical College plans to tie up with US University

    Chennai, Oct 23 (): The Madras Medical College (MMC) is exploring the possibility of a tie-up with Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, U.S. to facilitate faculty and student exchange and improve research programmes, learning experience and international exposure. As an Initiative to this proposal, U.S. Consul General Andrew T. Simkin and Health officer at the…

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  • South Indian Chefs go green with IFCA

    Chennai, 21Oct (): Celebrating The International Chefs Day, the Southern India Culinary Association (SICA) today declared their resolve to contribute towards containing global warming with the message of “GO GREEN WITH CHEFS”.  This congregation of chefs from various hospitality institutions in South India featured Mr M Murali, MD, Sri Krishna Sweets, Ms Nina Reddy, Director,…

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  • Chennai’s music enthusiasts gear up for Score Nights

    Chennai, Oct 21 (): The Star Rock Pub, Chennai along with the Score Magazine catered to a mix of audience this time who were enchanted by the namma Chennai’s  A Capella  band “Subject to Change” featuring Benny Dayal, Aakash Jacob, Anjana Raghavan, Anisha Verghese and Toby Joseph.  At this Score Night at the Star Rock…

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  • UK’s ex-Prime Minister Margeret Thatcher admitted to hospital

    London, Oct 20 (): Former British Prime Minister Margeret Thatcher has been taken to the Cromwell Hospital where she was admitted to be treated for an infection caused by a recent bout of flu. The flu prevented her from attending a reception that was planned for her 85th birthday at Downing Street last week. The reception was hosted…

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  • Chinese feared of breaking UN sanctions towards Iran

    Chicago USA, Oct 19 (): The US intelligence believes that many Chinese companies have been helping Iran with its nuclear program and missile technology. These companies have been operating in violation of the UN sanctions. Therefore it has asked the Chinese government to do more to stop those companies from doing so. The US believes…

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