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  • How to Beat Exam Stress?

    It is the exam season now with board exams coming up for 10th and Plus 2 students.To walk you through the process of taking examinations and to handle exam stress, let us look at a few tips that could pave way for your betterment. Here they go: Things to follow As exams are approaching, it might become…

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  • $132 million luxury yacht features on-board limousine

    Melbourne, Dec 22 (ANI): A new luxury yacht called Sovereign comes with a matching on board limousine for its owners to travel while at port. The 132 million-dollar vessel has been created by luxury boat and car designer Gray Design. The Swedish company released a similar car-boat combo in 2010, called the Strand Craft, but…

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  • Marisa Miller eats naked to keep body in shape

    New York, Dec 21 (ANI): Model Marisa Miller has revealed that she eats naked to keep her body in top shape for Victoria’s Secret fashion shows and Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoots. The 33-year-old feels that “eating smart is all about having an awareness” of one’s body. “Eating smart is all about having an awareness of…

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  • Separate beds behind 75th anniversary couple’s wedded bliss

    London, Dec 21 (ANI): A British couple celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary have revealed the secret to their long-lasting marriage – sleeping in separate beds. Sydney Smith, 97, and wife Phyllis, 95, have slept in two single beds for the past 40 years and insist that it is this space, which has kept them together….

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  • Texas man to pay parking fine after 58 years!

    London, Dec 21 (ANI): A man in Texas is going to pay a one-dollar fine for a parking ticket that was issued to him 58 years ago. Dale Crawford, of Houston, sent a letter to city chiefs after finding the ticket among some keepsakes. He said it was a debt that he wanted to pay,…

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  • Now, ‘magic cream’ that can take 8 years off your face!

    London, Dec 20 (ANI): A new innovation in anti-aging eye care will now help women look eight years younger in just 15 minutes. The collagen-based Eye Secrets patch works by instantly reducing fine lines, dark circles and puffiness by 92 per cent, the Daily Mail reported. The makers have claimed that the anti-wrinkle eye patch…

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  • UK woman conceives six times in five years despite contraception

    London, Dec 20 (ANI): A woman in UK is now pregnant for the sixth time in five years, despite trying every form of contraception available. Gemma Potter, 23, has conceived repeatedly despite using condoms, the pill, the coil, progesterone injections and an implant. She and her husband Glenn, 27, now have three children – Shaun,…

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