• World first e-book on spices is by Indian author

    Kochi, July 20 (): Indian Dr Kodoth Prabhakaran Nair’s book “The Agronomy and Economy of Black Pepper and Cardamom The ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ of Spices,”was launched as an e- book in London and other world capitals. This is the World’s first e book on spices. A copy has been kept in the British Library, London,…

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  • Gandhian motto inspires World’s sexiest woman

    Johannesburg,June 17(): It is not Anna Hazare and team but also the Worlds sexiest woman who lives by the Gandhian motto – “Be the change you want to see in the world.” This motto  made South African model of Indian-origin, Sashi Naidoo, to be voted the world’s sexiest woman of 2011 by 1.5 million readers…

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  • Sony website hacked

    Washington, June 4 (): Just as Sony announced that it was able to restore the Play station after the hackers attack, comes the news that its website was hacked and thousands of personal information and credit card details of those registered were compromised. LulzSec claimed that SonyPictures.com was hacked and compromised the personal information of…

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  • Sony play station back in US-Europe after hacker attack

    Tokyo, May 16 ():  Basic services on the Sony PlayStation Network and Qriocity services were switched on for users in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand for the first time in more than three weeks, but users in Asia face a longer wait for service to resume, reports IDG News service….

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  • Iran exploits Mid East unrest-Hillary

    Berlin, Apr 16 () : US Secertary of State Hillary Clinton said, Iran was clearly trying to use uprisings around the Middle East region, to further its own goals and foment broader unrest, while at the same time cracking down on its own reform movement. ” I think that everyone is aware of its efforts to…

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  • Obama and Qatar Emir discuss Middle East and Libya

    Washington, Apr 15 (): US President Barack Obama has described his meeting with  Emir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani of Qatar in his Oval Office here as ” very useful.” Both discussed the current situation in Libya and the Middle East. After terming the meeting  ”a very useful conversation”, Obama thanked Hamad for “the leadership that…

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  • Gadhafi asks `son’ Obama to stop NATO air strikes

    Washington, Apr 7 ():” Gadhafi asked Obama in a letter to stop the unjust war against a small people of a developing country and said those in the opposition are terrorists and members of al Qaeda,” the White house official said. “We have been hurt more morally than physically, because of what had happened against…

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  • Modi hails WikiLeaks cables

    New Delhi ,March 22 (): Reacting to the cable leaks Narendra Modi said, “ US should not teach me lesson about human rights. The whole world knows what they have done. I am at this post with the blessings of people of Gujarat. Although late, I am happy to know that the US accepted that…

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