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    2017 Solar Eclipse in India

    The total solar eclipse is on the horizon– well, just about. Being dubbed the Great American Eclipse, a total solar eclipse hasn’t appeared in the US since 1918. Though it won’t be visible in India, it’s expected to last between 9:15pm and 2:34am. The next total solar eclipse in India won’t happen for some time…

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    Fighting Rhino Poaching in India

    A DNA profiling tool developed in South Africa could help catch rhino poachers in India. A rhino cub in Assam State’s Kaziranga National Park, which hosts around two thirds of the world’s greater one-horned rhinos. Credit: Lip Kee/Flickr CC-BY-SA. It takes less than 20 mg of rhino horn to prosecute poachers. This is all scientists need…

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  • Air Pollution in India and China

    Atmospheric particulate matter in micro meter (Courtesy: Wikipedia) New Delhi, Jan 16 (): We can presume that there can be not much difference between India and China regarding air pollution. Both face similar trends in industrial growth.They join hands in summits regarding environment. Such presumption is not true. In India, statistics with facts and figures…

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  • Your Urine Can Cool Down Global Warming

    There is a problem exhaled at the top but the solution is excreted at the bottom. At last researchers have  come out with a human solution  ( Yes,  the solution itself is a liquid solution! ) for a global problem. What we mean is that during our respiration we inhale Oxygen and Exhale Carbon dioxide….

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  • Two test common entrance examination for all Engineering instituitions

    New Delhi, May 29 (): From 2013, admissions to all centrally –funded engineering institutions, as well as Indian institute of technology, National Institutes of Technology, will be held by appearing for two test common entrance examination. Hereafter, for the first time, it has been decided that Class XII Board examination results will be given priority…

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  • New island born in Red Sea

    London, Jan 2 ():  NASA has announced, a new island has appeared off the west coast of Yemen following a volcanic eruption. The new island is forming in the Red Sea in the Zubair archipelago resulting from a volcanic activity as lava is cooled by the surrounding seawater and solidifies. “The underwater volcano behind the…

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  • Kerala shift Mullaperiyar issue to Centre

    Kochi, Dec 1(): With experts toeing the line that Tamil Nadu stance on Mullaperiyar is right, Kerala CM Chandy has rushed to Delhi to convince PM about his State stance. He has been quoted by agencies that it was not an issue with TN but only that “All that we are demanding is a brand…

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