• Playboy’s steep registration fees irk models

    New York, Oct 25 (ANI): Playboy’s practice of charging its models to show up to centerfold casting calls upsets model bookers. The magazine is requiring a registration fee of 19.95dollars to attend casting calls in various cities. It also charges models 49.99dollar and 59.99dollar for sets of their own photos taken at the calls. “You…

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  • Rajini plans to meet fans after Robo release

    Chennai, Sep 21 (): Rajinikanth has sent invitations to his fan club members to come to Chennai for a large fan meet event. Reports indicate that 5000 invitations has been sent this week to important delegates of his fan club across the state. Rajinikanth’s much awaited Endhiran (Robo) is scheduled to release on October 1st….

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  • Dadagiri – “How can she slap?”

    [Ed: This is a little outdated news item, but got my attention just now.  So here I go…] Dadagiri is a reality show, of course interleaved with choreographed/scripted material.  Apparently, in the segment below, the participants are expected to go through a few rounds of bullying (similar to college ragging) to claim the prize money. …

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  • Earth Day (April 22)

    Wednesday April 22nd is Earth Day. This movie Earth will be released wednesday. Click on the FullScreen/Maximize button in the above video. Turn off your room lights. Turn up the volume in your speakers. If you are making dosa/coffee for your husband, forget him & turn off the stove. If your kids are doing homework,…

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  • God’s own music

    I have not heard any recent music and have experienced a surreal spiritual soothing experience. I use the word spiritual as it is the closest to describe the listening experience or because I may not know what it is exactly.. I have seen many creators do their best work when they are young and their…

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  • Benny Lava – the Western reincarnation of Prabhu Deva

    How can something that started as a possible  mockery of Indian dance moves become an internet phenomenon and eventually create a cult following for Prabhu Deva in the Western World? The name Benny Lava comes from Sutton’s dubbing of the Tamil lead line “Nilaavo?” as “Benny Lava!” (original meaning: Is it the moon?”. The video led…

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  • Hungry Hearts by Sohaila Charnalia

    Written by guest writer Shekhar Kapur Ok, so we tend to get a little patronizing about our own family members, especially when that person happens to be your younger sister. You kind of tend to pat them on their back and treat them like a child and then look back at your life and realize…

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  • Slumdog kids to campaign for Congress, Jai Ho !!

    Slumdog Millionaire characters Latika and Salim were played by Rubina Quereshi and Azhar Slumdog Millionaire characters Latika and Salim were played by Rubina Quereshi and Azhar Azhar and Rubina, both about 10 years old apparently have been asked to campaign for the congress party in the forthcoming elections. Plans are being worked out now. From…

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  • Movie audience’s audience!

    Written by Prakash Prakash –a people person, is from the Information Technology industry. He writes his observations of the world around him with an analytical inkling I was in INOX, a movie hall in the metropolitan Bangalore (ticket costs about 250/- rupees on weekends) for a Tamil movie called “Veyil”. I was surrounded by mostly IT guys…

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