Suriya’s Masss audio on May 8

Suriya’s Masss audio on May 8

Chennai, May 4 (TruthDive) : Masss (Mass) starring Suriya in the lead is getting ready for a month end release. The audio of Masss is to be released on May 8. Masss is is an  horror – comedy directed by Venkat Prabhu. Masss has  Suriya and two lead ladies Nayantara and Amy Jackson alongwith Premgi in a major  role. Music is by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Incidentally it is the  50th movie for Editor Praveen.

On April 25th midnight,  the teaser of Masss was released online and on the next day it crossed two million hits on YouTube. The teaser has a clip from Singam which has Suriya saying the popular dialogue about his comeback and one from Thala Ajith’s  Mankatha which tells about the whole happening being a game controlled by him.

Eros International and Studio Green are jointly producing Masss. The film is shot fully in 3D format unlike earlier films that were shot partially in that format. Yesteryear hero Mohan was supposed to play the baddie and now Parthipan and Jayram are playing significant roles. Karunas, Seeman and Daniel Pope are the ghosts and the cast has Vidyullekha Raman along with Samudrakani.

Initially, the movie was to release in June after schools and colleges reopen. As the film shoot was wrapped up on April 19th the producers decided to release the audio on May 1st and go in for a mid-May theatrical release but things did not go as planned. Post production works took time with 3D effects being done simultaneously in Mumbai and Chennai.Masss is very crucial to Suriya after the debacle of Anjaan.

On the sidelines, remake of the hit Malayalam film, ‘How Old are You’ in Tamil with Jyothika in the heroine-centric role and produced by her husband Suriya is getting ready for release in May.

The film which created box office history in Kerala with Manju Warrier in the key role is titled 36 Vayadhinele and is directed by Roshan Andrews. A last minute addition was a song that runs during the end titles was shot featuring Jyothika.

Inside story of how Uttama Villain got released (stills)

Inside story of how Uttama Villain got released (stills)

Chennai,May 3(TruthDive): Uttama Villain saw the daylight thanks to Studio Green Gnanavel Raja. Around Rs 35 crores were outstanding towards Eros International and financier Jaswant Bhandari.

Uttama Villain was produced by Kamal Haasan under the banner of Raaj Kamal Films on a Rs 55 crore budget. Taking almost one year, Kamal Haasan held the overseas distribution rights and for Kerala. Thirupathi Brothers being on a downslide after Anjaan flop had borrowed heavily from the financiers by promising distribution rights.


Uttama Villain Chennai distribution was given to Abirami mall and Madurai to Anbu. Thirupathi Brothers did not anticipate Eros and Bhandari to pull off a last minute discord as it was agreed that the collections from theatres would go to settle their dues. As word spread around that the production house would face litigations,they decided to press the panic button. They blocked the company that was digitalising the movie from delivering the content till the dues were cleared.

As talks moved on, Chandrabose, brother and partner of Lingusamy ‘s Thirupathi brothers called his friend Gnanavel Raja. Raja, a cousin of actor Suriya and Karthi runs a distribution cum production company.  Raja had bought the distribution rights of Vai Raja Vai releasing on the same day of Uttama Villain. Raja in turn called his friend C V Kumar, YNot studios Shashikant and a few others and decided to buy out areas other than Chennai and Madurai and put on the table Rs 35 crores. This is Rs 15 crores more than the market price.  This was made possible only because Raja had trust in Bose.

Uttama Villain is expected to do well in urban areas but might fly over the heads of the mass audience. The two day non release of Uttama  Villain  has resulted in a huge loss.

Meantime,big ticket producers are facing trouble on the financial front. Ascar Ravichandran featured in an advt issued by IOB stating a list of properties that the bank has notified as those will be auctioned. A M Rathinam who lost money on Yennai Arindhaal was bailed out by Ajith who has given him another date for a new film.

Uttama Villain fails to release in morning shows

Uttama Villain fails to release in morning shows

Chennai,May1(TruthDive):  The fans who arrived to catch the morning show of Uttama Villain were told by the theatres that they would have to wait for the noon show. No reason was given for the cancellation. The reason that is coming from the sources close to the production house is that the director Ramesh Aravind and actor Kamal Haasan had at the last moment decided to cut 15 minuts of the running time of three hours after the screening of the special show. Many celeberties who saw Uttama Villain  and were in awe  felt that the running hours needed to be cut down. Sources say that the cuts that were implemented had to be done across 1500 screens and this took time. The premiere shows in USA and Dubai went as usual.

Trade circles say that Thirupathi brothers the production house had borrowed money from many financiers promising distribution rights of Uttama Villain. Thangam cinemas had given Rs2 crore on the condition that it would be given distribution rights of Uttama Villain and as it was not given to them they moved the court which ordered the production house to give back the money with interest before April 28. Now another production house had given money to Tirupathi brothers and this money was to be cleared before the release. The production house which is closely linked with a top actor with whom Thirupathi brothers had once produced a film and burnt their fingers kept waiting and did not move the courts. As the film was ready for release and there was no move from Thirupathi brothers, the company decided to obtain a stay order. Thirupathi brothers are now in talks with the production cum distribution house to arrive at an amicable settlement.

The film had run into trouble with the theatre owners association President who owns Rohini theatre in Chennai. The President demanded Rs 50 lakhs as bribe to settle a dispute over Kamal’s Vishwaroopam and wanted Thirupathi brothers to pay Rs50 lakhs as compensation to the theatre owners association. Kamal had filed a complaint with the competetive commission alleging that theatre owners and distributors were functioning as a cartel and restricting free trade. Theatre owners association claimed that it had spend Rs25 lakhs on fighting the suit and distributors had spend Rs2 lakhs. Thirupathi brothers paid Rs2 lakh to the distributors association and Kamal withdrew his suit. A sum of Rs 25 lakhs that was given the theatre owners President was deposited with the association after multiplex theatre owners ganged up against him. VHP had gone to court seeking a ban on Uttama Villain and the plea was rejected. Media saw the film at a special screening today morning.

Shamitabh ~ Exclusive Review

Shamitabh ~ Exclusive Review

Chennai,Feb 8 (TruthDive): Shamitabh, a fictional drama starring Amitabh Bachchan, Dhanush and Akshara Haasan hit screens yesterday. The movie is directed by Balki with cinematography by P.C. Sreeram and legendary composer Ilayaraja scoring music.

Balki has not only directed but also penned film’s crisp conversations. Dhanush has spoken out loud without actually uttering a word and Big B has once again proved he’s an ageless star. It’s interesting to watch Big B speak for himself and mouth for Dhanush. You adore Amitabh Bachchan’s performance while applauding his commitment to his craft. It’s difficult then, not to fall for diva Akshara Haasan.

Daneesh is a wannabe actor with a paralyzed vocal cord. Amitabh Sinha is a failed flamboyant yesteryear actor but with rich baritone. Akshara Haasan plays the do-gooder assistant director who teams up voiceless and faceless and creates a pretentious actor. They agree to disagree which is almost often never agree with each other and with ego creeping up, all hell breaks loose.

Dhanush has expressed himself with such passion and his character too emphasizes he needs things to happen and he might do whatever it takes. At a point when Amitabh deserts him he comes running to a frustrated Akshara where she sarcastically quotes “you can kiss my arse” and Dhaneesh willingly fulfils her command.

Shamitabh mocks the way film industry works, but it also repeats the very same follies which the movie takes a dig at. Shamitabh speaks of technology where someone can lend a voice to dumb by understanding the thoughts through a microchip placed in the dumb person’s vocal cord – which sounds interesting but unconvincing.

Balki’s third venture as always is centric to Big B’s meatly-mouthed character and Dhanush comes as an add-on package. When Big B speaks both for Dhanush and himself it’s all extravaganza but it soon fades on time. Dhanush exposes such audacity that you will be eager to hear him – ONCE. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen instead the culmination takes it to next level.

It also left me disappointing that the first and last 20 minutes of the film took it to a different level, was the rest that happened in-between really that convincing? Well, that’s a no and Balki should have have paid attention to details.

Though culmination was a little heart-breaking that’s what is needed for Shamitabh, because even after walking out of cinemas, Shamitabh reverberates in your mind.

Bottomline: Two legendaries club hands not to help each other, but to prove each other’s supremacy.

Yennai Arindhaal ~ Exclusive Review

Yennai Arindhaal ~ Exclusive Review

Chennai, Feb 6 (TruthDive): Yennai Arindhaal, the much anticipated movie of the year formerly known Thala 55 hit screens yesterday after being postponed twice.

Ultimate Star Ajith’s fan base had been expectant for a while now. There were posters doing rounds in Whatsapp and Facebook walls that they were officially postponing Pongal celebrations for it will be only when movie hit screens.

The movie stars Ajith Kumar, Arun Vijay, Trisha and Anushka in lead roles. Harris Jayaraj has scored music and he has teamed up with director Gautham Vasudev Menon after seven long years. Their last movie together was Varanam Aayiram and the duo’s previous movies have been definite hits and it has continued in Thala 55 too.

The protagonist Ajith plays Sathyadev who has drawn boundaries to his character by a thin line dividing his conscience Good and Evil. It’s a typical cop and gangster ploy where they operate without compromising until having to face consequences of their actions. There are going to be victims at both ends, vengeance, retribution and paybacks.

Sathyadev, an honest cop goes undercover to take down a gangster group. He tricks and befriends Victor played by Arun Vijay. When the operation succeeds, Sathyadev had also succeeded in adding one more enemy to his list – Victor. When his time comes, Victor takes his toll and Sathyadev now has to endure his wrath for playing good guy.

Filling In The Templates

Gautham as you might have already known retains his characters predictable. You know what his characters are up to even before it happens. He simply changes the face of characters and not their fates. There is a typical flashback, a dedicated song with gimmicks and mannerisms, a loving dad-son relationship, divorced lead actress who falls for lonesome cop. A gruesome villain who is keen on drawing blood, protagonist saving someone whose kid has nothing to do with the movie and finally antagonist and protagonist are on crossroads.

As Gautham had mentioned earlier that this is going to close out his cop characteristic movie the expectations were high and watching a movie with predictable screenplay is such a killjoy.

Cinematic Plagiarism

As usual Gautham has managed to pull scenes out from diversified world cinema. I was able to correlate girls being kidnapped to the Hollywood movie Taken, likewise the scenes where protagonist understands antagonist well from the Korean movie, The Chaser. I am sure you can list down quite many more of this sort.

What Makes It Interesting?

The strong cast, convincing performances and interwoven screenplay are positive add-ons that make the movie likeable. A major chunk of credit goes to Ajith and Arun Vijay and director has brought out the best out of them. Vivek’s efforts to elicit laughter goes in vain except for a very few scenes. Trisha is aphrodisiac while Anushka enigmatic or at least her characteristic is.

Verdict: A must watch for Thala fans, the rest can skip it and save yourself 3 hours.

Isai ~ Exclusive Review

Isai ~ Exclusive Review

Chennai, 31 Jan(TruthDive): After quite many hurdles “Isai” came to life with least anticipation and unintended delays. SJ Surya is back after a long gap of 10 years. His last movie was “Anbe Aaruyire” in which he played the lead role opposite Nila. Well I suppose it’s a decent comeback movie for him and worth the wait. Adding another feather to his cap. Surya has himself composed the music. The title card reads “Written, scored, directed & composed by” – makes me wonder if he is trying to pursue the steps of T Rajendriran.

The plot revolves around Vetriselvan (played by Sathyaraj) the big shot music director of yesteryear and one of his assistants A.K.Shiva (played by SJ Surya) who later picks up his own path upon an unexpected opportunity that comes knocking his doors. Though Vetri flags green signal later realizes that Shiva would outperform him for he’s a natural talent roping in state of art techniques and nuances. To regain his lost stardom Vetri plots a debased ploy to pull Shiva down. And that’s quite a disturbing psychotic or turning someone psychotic plan!

The first half is titillating but a bit obscene at times. The real plot begins at the culmination of first half and the second half. The movie has a climax, a post climax or maybe neither. Vetri and his servant played by Kanja karuppu are quite good. But after a point in time they become awry as they are pretty much confined to themselves for more than three fourth of their time onscreen.

Sathyaraj steals the show, he gives a feel that the venomous villain of 1980’s is back. If Mr. Barath was one of his kind, this Vetrimaran is another. SJ Surya well known for his erotic nuances has subtly added his signature touch to the movie. Savitri – even her half chipped canine tooth adds up to her beauty. And she has cooperated well, guess that pretty much says it all. Kanja karuppu is hilarious when he bad mouths Vetri (Sathyraraj) but makes you want to strangle him otherwise. Few others like Thambi Ramaiya have not been utilized for what they are worth.

Rumor has it that the plot might have been pulled from real life characters Isaignyani Ilayaraja and Isaipuyal AR Rahman.


Watch it, enjoy it, move on. Commercial, kinky and titillating..

I ~ Exclusive Review

I ~ Exclusive Review

Chennai, Jan 16 (TruthDive): I, the much-anticipated movie of the year finally released after facing a series of hurdles and a narrow escape from the recent axing when a court held back the release until end of January. The romance thriller stars Cheeyan Vikram, Amy Jackson, Suresh Gopi and Upen Patel.

Has he succeeded in engaging  the audience with his amicable storytelling ? Well, I suppose yes. As usual ,the film is packed with Shankar’s touch of grandeur sets, posh looks, exotic locations, fist pounding action sequences and a showstopper signature conveying a message in the culmination.

The plot invariably begins with a beauty and beast. The beast Lingesan, played by Vikram, kidnaps Diya, played by Amy on the day of her marriage. And he savages the villains one after the other with ruthless punishments that make them disfigured for rest of their lives. The reasoning is simple, Diya, a model is sacked by co-actor John played by Upen Patel. Diya seeks Lingesan to co-star her next project and the duo fall in love. As Lingesan climbs up the ladder he earns a handful of enemies who inject him with virus ‘I’.  How Lingesan discovers it and gets back at them is what forms rest of the story.

Though the movie is commercially good, Shankar is turning out to be a methodical director and his narration needs to change to make him less predictable. There are flaws, let’s just look at a few easily noticeable blunders.

The entire first half Vikram speaks like a slum dweller. After his transformation as hi-fi model he seemed to have mastered personality overnight. The antagonists are belittled when they think crooked. If anyone is to be blamed, it’s Diya (Amy) who led to Lingesan (Vikran) and co-incidentally incurred loss and heart breaks.

Suresh Gopi plays a family friend, but since the beginning his intentions were pretty much predictable. Santhanam seems to run out of witty benders and seems to churn his very own punch lines.

You can see the extremes of Vikram in his roles as a slumdog bodybuilder and later as a hideous hunchback. He can be called the Indian version of Christian Bale and he deserves appreciation for his efforts.

Caucasian beauty Amy is such a doll and is more than just beautiful, she sure does elude youngsters, except for the parts where her lip movements do not sync with dubbing and gives an odd look on-screen.

There are few captive one liners that resonate even after you walk out of cinemas – adhukum mela, merasalayiten, the hilarious punches from Dr. Powerstar!

Bottom Line: A commercially good movie worth your bucks.

Taken 3 ~ Exclusive Review

Taken 3 ~ Exclusive Review

Chennai, Jan 10 (TruthDive): Taken 3, the third and final instalment in Taken franchise hit screens today. The French action thriller stars Liam Neeson, Maggie Greece and Famkee Janssen reprising their roles and the movie is directed by Olivier Megaton.

Bryan Mills finally retires and wants nothing more than Kim’s (his daughter) happiness. He heads there to wish her for birthday in advance to show that he’s not predictable as she always complains.

Meanwhile, his ex-wife Lorene and her husband are in bitter stands. Lorene approaches Bryan and shares that her marriage is on the verge of breaking and she still fantasizes Bryan. Bryan advices to take things slow and offers her his apartment key as he will be away for a while and she can use it if she ever needed a solitary place for herself.

Later, Lorene is murdered and Bryan is framed with the homicide charge. Bryan chooses to flee and prove his innocence. Forest Whitaker plays the detective who figures out exactly what Bryan intends to do, but only he isn’t there when it happens. I wonder how can one consistently be at the wrong place and in the wrong time.

The series of twists and turns follow when he unties every knot of Lorene’s murder. He’s on the run to elude the relentless pursuit of cops and save what matters to him the most – his daughter. Is he still game and will he be able to save his daughter and pinpoint the murderer is how the movie culminates.

And what’s most annoying is the signature quote of the movie, “I want you to listen to me very carefully…” doesn’t evoke the charm and it doesn’t give you the goosebumps either.

It was reported that Liam Neeson was paid $20 millions for this ending trilogy, twice what he was paid for the sequel.

The first in the franchise Taken was an epic, a lean and mean movie starring a furious father willing to burn down a town to save his only kid. The sequel was made replicating what Taken was all about, the kid was replaced with ex-wife.

Now Taken 3, only two are left one being his ex-wife’s husband or himself being taken. But that would require another lead to be brought into picture and might kill the joy by making Liam Neeson step down. So, Taken 3 took a different route to put an end to the series and evidentially it has been an unceremonious one.

If it had not been the final instalment of Taken, but a stand alone movie, it might have been a decent movie to watch. Raising the expectation and NOT meeting it becomes a killjoy.

Kayal ~ Exclusive Review

Kayal ~ Exclusive Review

Chennai,Dec 26 (TruthDive): Kayal, the fictional romance hit screens yesterday along with a flurry of other movies which were on shelves for the Lingaa to mark its presence in box office. The movie is directed by Prabhu Solomon and cast includes debutantes Chandran and Anandhi.

The movie begins with the irremediable calamity of Tsunami, from 2004, where Aarun the protagonist, played by Chandran is looking for the love of his life Kayal played by Anandhi. The way the story is told is good, but the questions is, is it a pragmatic approach? Evidently, it isn’t and it doesn’t take much time to realize as well.

Chandran and his friend sharing same backdrop – orphans, play wanderers who earn first six months of the year and spend the next six exploring India. They also speak philosophies on how not to lead a life with ambition and you really don’t need a role model to lead life your way. It’s presented neatly, but I must confess I felt it a bit tiresome when the protagonist tries to simulate the VIP effect with his a minute and a half long monologue delivery.

The director has been good at capturing the scenic beauty in the frame and keep the audience mesmerized. He always had the audacity to bring realistic love stories with cheesy dialogues and scenes, but it hasn’t worked well for him this time.

This is another one of his true love succeeding against all odds, with unnecessary twists and ending up a Deepavali cracker that fails to burst. There comes an almost gory looking lorry driver right before the intermission, offering Kayal a ride. This keeps us bite our nails if he might assault her, but they end up singing songs in their journey!

The background score is aesthetic and the cinematography really does keeps you awestruck, but there are times when the close-up shots make you feel uneasy as though there is a documentary being played. The humorous witty benders delivered now and then make the movie a bit watchable.

And being a low-budget movie, the computer graphics as expected were belittled and doesn’t give you the feel of tsunami. Prabhu plays a cameo but his presence is lost and is of little significance to the plot.

Bottom line: A wannabe telltale saga jeopardized 

Best of Kollywood movies 2014 ~ Perception of K-town audience

Best of Kollywood movies 2014 ~ Perception of K-town audience

Chennai, Dec 22 (TruthDive): 2014 has been a mixture of both commercial and lively movies with a significant touch to our everyday lives.

TruthDive has ranked the top 10 Kollywood movies of 2014 based on the reception by the audience. Let’s start with the tenth in line and climb up the ladder.

10 Sathuranga Vettai

The practical venture that portrays the life of a common man and his flawless cons in act. His ideologies seem to work and he makes money over a short period until his fates turn his own ideologies against him by his followers. In the recovery process he’s born as a new man, falls in love and is about to start over, but he was destined for even bigger scams and con acts.

9 Mundasupatti

Directed by Ram, the movie is a remake of a short film of the same name and director. It’s a comical fiction taking place in yesteryear where people of Mundasupatti town have always been camera-shy because of their superstitious belief.

8 Tenaliraman

This historical satire fiction revived by director by Yuvaraj Dhayalan, features as a come-back movie for actor Vadivelu after he got himself tangled in a flurry of political issues. The movie had been poetically laid out with the known itsy bitsy pieces of the Tamil fictional character Raman from Tenali.

7 Pannaiyarum Padminiyum

A perfectly carved period movie where you are troubled judging the protagonist – if it’s the vintage premier Padmini car or its owner. The music and the cast were added advantage for the movie’s success at the box office. The sentimental drama had Jayaprakash, Vijay Sethupathy and Ishwarya Rajesh in lead roles, and the movie was directed by debutant Arun Kumar.

6 Goli Soda

The Goli Soda is a peppy pop drink from the Pasanga crew only a tad more than its previous venture. Underdogs in a local town market thrashed by their destiny take fate in their hands and gain back their identity. The movie took director Pandiraj to further fame.

5 Jigarthanda

A wannabe director tries his luck but ends up in a turmoil when the principle character of his plot wants to play the lead role himself. The movie stars Sidharth and Lakshmi Menon in the lead roles, and directed by Karthik Subbaraj.

4 Maan Karate

The jovial fantasy movie made big time with its light plot and lighter cast. It was a major break for the television anchor turned actor Sivakarthikeyan and had Hansika Motwani paired against him. The ace director Murugadoss was impressed by the plot and offered to produce Kris Thirumurugan’s movie.

3 Kaththi

This is the joint venture of ace director Murugadoss and actor Vijay in dual roles with Samantha Ruth Prabhu playing the lead actress. The action thriller spices up a commercial plot bringing out the farmers’ suicides and the reason behind it. The film thrashed the media, the politicians and the wrong doers at a high level. Despite the rumours of getting into trouble, the movie was released without much complications.

2 Velai Illa Pattadhari

The movie stars Dhanush and Amala Paul in the lead roles. The plot was realistic with added benefits of music scored by Anirudh. When a longtime unemployed youth gets his dream job after a series of lashes from life, his competitor hinders his growth. Will he be able to stand out against all odds is what the movie is all about.

1 Lingaa

Linga starred Superstar Rajinikanth, Anushka Shetty, Sonakshi Sinha in the leads;  BG was scored by AR Rahman and is directed by ace director KS Ravikumar. The movie was released on Superstar’s birthday and obviously a mega hit. The actor at his age of 64 is still the profound identity of K-town. He’s laid out this policy of breaking his own records with his every new release.