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    Senate panel to discuss ‘work from home’ bill

    MANILA, Philippines – The Senate committee on labor and employment is set to conduct a hearing on the bill encouraging companies to adopt the “work from home” policy to address the traffic crisis in Metro Manila. Senator Joel Villanueva, committee chair, will hear Senate Bill 1233 on Wednesday, January 25.  The …

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    Senators pounce on Duterte martial law warning vs drugs

    “All freedom-loving Filipinos should start preparing to fight another dictator,” Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said on Monday after President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to declare martial law “to protect the Filipino people” and “to preserve my nation.” “Soldiers should also start reviewing their constitutional mandate,” Trillanes, Duterte’s vocal critic, said in a statement. READ: Martial law…

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    300 tons of oil spills after Malaysia ship collision

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Almost 300 tons of oil spilled into Malaysian and Singaporean waters after two container ships collided in a Malaysian port, officials said Wednesday, January 4.     ‘The oil spill has been contained,’ a local maritime official told the Agence France-Presse after Tuesday’s accident in the …

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  • Essar leaks cost journos’ jobs

    New Delhi,Feb 28 (TruthDive): Essar largesse has cost the job of two senior journalists based in New Delhi’s two dailies and a third working in TV channel was stripped off all duties by the organisation in the wake of them appearing in a PIL filed in the Supreme Court by the Centre for Public Interest…

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  • Jayalalithaa’s new scheme to benefit livestock

    Chennai, Dec 6 (): A new scheme which will bring cheer to cattle and their owners is to be rolled out. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa allotted Rs 22 crore towards infrastructure facilities for 67 veterinary hospitals and 361 dispensaries. The Chief Minister allotted Rs 3 crore for buying new equipment for the above facilities….

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  • Documentary makers to get seperate Censor certificate

    Chennai, Dec 3, (): Documentary makers will hereafter get a separate classification said Leela Samson, Chairperson, Central Board of Film Certification. Delivering her address at last day of FICCI, she also said that the Board have also recommended to I&B Ministry that instead of the ‘Central Board of Film Certification’, we call ourselves the ‘Indian…

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  • Kerala CM let off in corruption case

    Kochi, Dec 2 (): The Kerala High Court bench asked for the removal of the observation made by Vigilance Judge P.K. Haneefa, who rejected the vigilance report that gave a clean chit to the Chief Minister. It ordered a re-investigation. In August this year the Thiruvananthapuram special vigilance Judge Haneefa rejected the state vigilance department report…

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  • Kerala shift Mullaperiyar issue to Centre

    Kochi, Dec 1(): With experts toeing the line that Tamil Nadu stance on Mullaperiyar is right, Kerala CM Chandy has rushed to Delhi to convince PM about his State stance. He has been quoted by agencies that it was not an issue with TN but only that “All that we are demanding is a brand…

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  • Shops and markets shut down in Tamilnadu-Puduchery

    Chennai/ Puduchery, Dec1, () Tamil Nadu Vanigar Sangakalin Peravai which has twenty lakh traders and Puduchery Chamber of Commerce members did not open shops in both the States. The local grocery and neighbourhood small shops did brisk business and those in the main roads and shopping complexes remained shut. Koyambedu Wholesale market which supplies essential…

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  • Global Buddhist conference begins despite China protest

    New Delhi, Nov 27 (): With the PM and President staying away the four-day Global Buddhist Conference that began Sunday with the chanting of prayers to mark the 2,600th year of Buddha’s enlightenment. China strongly objected to the Dalai Lama’s valedictory address at the conference Nov 30. Sikkim Governor Balmiki Prasad Singh presided over the…

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