How Arvind Kejriwal defeated Narendra Modi?

How Arvind Kejriwal defeated Narendra Modi?

Chennai, Apr 30 (TruthDive): In the online poll conducted by Time magazine, Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal has defeated BJP’s Narendra Modi and has come to the top. Many people wonder how this could happen.

The profiles of these leaders were outlined by the Time magazine for the readers/voters to cast their “Yes” and “ No “ votes online.

These profiles are as below:

Arvind Kejriwal

“Though his administration lasted a mere 49 days, with Kejriwal proving less adept at turning the wheels of government than campaigning against it, his image as the quintessential outsider taking on powerful interests — a David versus many mighty Goliaths — has earned him a unique place in Indian politics,”

Narendra Modi

A divisive politician poised to lead the world’s largest democracy…
Modi has a reputation for quick action, encouraging the private sector and good governance. He also has a reputation for autocratic rule and a dark Hindu-nationalist streak. But those concerns are waning in a country desperate for change.

Although Mr. Narendra Modi got more number of reactions, his percentage of ” No votes”  exceeded the percentage of ” Yes votes”.  Therefore, Arvind Kejriwal was declared to top the list defeating Narendra Modi.

We know that bogus voting is possible in booth elections. We must also know that fake votes are abundant in online polls.

It is learnt that Time magazine had rejected 93% of Modi’s votes and over 88% of Kejriwal’s votes as fake votes. Great competition in casting fake votes! Narendra Modi has defeated Arvind Kejriwal not only in garnering negative votes but also in getting fake votes.

Then how one can say that Arvind Kejriwal defeated Narendra Modi in this online opinion poll?  Why? This is contrary to media impression that Narendra Modi is riding on a wave. Modi’s supporters can reject the sampling methods and the poll methodology. Whether it is negative or positive,  Narendra Modi  got a total number of votes outnumbering all. That is a consolation for BJP. It is popularity that counts anyway, is it not? Why worry about negative image as long as it brings popularity?

The well orchestrated campaign managers of Narendra Modi have lost to unorganized camp of Arvind Kejriwal. If at all Narendra Modi came first in Time online poll, it would have been widely publicized and celebrated. The unexpected entry of Arvind Kejriwal also pushed Rahul Gandhi to nowhere in this online poll. The strategy of BJP projecting a fight between powerful Modi and weak Rahul has also gone awry.

Can we confirm that the young voters online are in line with the anti-corruption movement led by Arvind  Kejriwal? Will the online mood reflect in the real election field?

The “No votes” for BJP were shared by AAP and Congress party in the recently held elections in Delhi. It is also true that “No votes” for Congress party were shared by BJP and AAP. This has demonstrated that there is a considerable number of people who say no to both BJP and INC.  The pattern of “yes votes and no votes’ in online poll has matched well with the electorate of New Delhi legislative assembly.

Again a question arises whether New Delhi electorate can be taken as representative sample for India, the great nation of unimaginable diversity. Therefore, can we comfortably say that the non-BJP and non-Congress political parties shall decide the Prime Minister?

One observation may come true. The Indian election is not fought on the platform of Hindu nationalism Vs Secularism. The Indian election rail is really running on the platform of anti-corruption sentiments.


For a bit of humour

Q: Tamil actor Vadivelu enacts Narendra Modi. He is waiting for the results of 2014 Time 100 online poll. The result is declared. What will be his dialogue?

A: ‘ Vada Poche!’


Rajinikanth Votes as Kochadaiiyaan is set to release

Rajinikanth Votes as Kochadaiiyaan is set to release

Chennai, Apr 24 (TruthDive): Rajinikanth has Voted in Tamil nadu Parliament election as Kochadaiiyaan is set to release soon. So what?

The fans of Rajinikanth and others are curiously watching whether some media men catch live Rajinikanth voting to see his choice. What a bad habit? But people like that and are like that.

In the last elections Rajinikanth was captured live in camera. In the morning itself the fans and the people of Tamil nadu came to know that Rajinikanth voted for two leaves, the symbol of AIADMK. He was the same person who took a bold stand of opposing AIADMK in a previous election. No one knows what punishment was given to media man for acting in such illegal way.

Once he declared that even god cannot save Tamil nadu  if some one voted for Jayalalithaa. In another occasion he praised Jayalalithaa as a Dhairyalakshmi. ( a goddess with the wealth of velour).

For Rajinikanth taking different stands in different elections is like changing costumes in each scene. There is nothing wrong in it.

This time Narendra Modi visited Rajinikanth at his home in Chennai. That was enough to indicate his choice. It is a comedy scene that Kaurnanidhi’s son Alagiri too visited Rajinikanth.

Rajinikanth has admirers in all political parties. But his choice in election depends on his business in film industry. When his cartoon film Kochadaiiyaan is set to release he cannot take chances of going against anyone.

It is well known that that Rajinikanth has enacted Guru Raghavendra a non business venture  and acted in a floppy Baba. In these films Rajinikanth  should have got Aathma thrupti to the satisfaction of another adviser and friend Cho Ramasamy the propaganda guru for RSS and Sangh Parivaar.

This time an impression has already been created that he prefers BJP which is in company with his one time criticizers PMK.

Kochadaiiyaan is to be released all over India in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu languages and therefore if Rajinikanth prefers a Modi wave, that can help Kochadaiiyaan in running successfully in theaters all over India and abroad. Now Modi has been a promoted brand name. Therefore Associating Kochadiyaan with Modi can reap great benefit nationally and internationally.

Therefore the stands taken by Rajinikanth depends on the date of release of his film and his business. Some people remember still that he expressed solidarity in Tamil causes such as Cauvery, Eelam issues. But it is no different when compared to other actors and politicians. Once he even promised to give Rs.1 crore for linking rivers. It was a dream scene.

In real life with such a big business Super Star cannot act in fight scenes. All are friends. That is a courteous attitude and is appreciable by all. But better Rajinikanth keeps his cards always close to his chests.


Namo Narendra Modi Arohara Advani Govinda Gadkari?

Namo Narendra Modi Arohara Advani Govinda Gadkari?

Projection, Elevation or Promotion whatever it may be, Narendra Modi is set to become the leader of BJP in the campaign for the next parliament election. Assumption by the followers of Narendra Modi that there is a hundred percent possibility for him to become the Prime Minister of India is too early and too much.

Those who challenged Narendra Modi directly or indirectly within BJP are now almost silenced. They will be compelled to fall in line drawn by the RSS. Narendra Modi and his followers have done enough ground work to remove the challengers or rivals within the party. Narendra Modi enjoys the support of Hindu nationalists spread all over the country. He has developed a good rapport with media. He is a hot favourite for industrialists.  Now he is given a free hand within BJP with the blessings of RSS. Sangh Parivar shall be working in favour of Narendra Modi to ensure a grand success.

From the times of MK Gandhi the Hindu Nationalists had their own agenda which were implemented with their supporters within Congress Party. But when Congress slipped down they formed their own political wing and consolidated their organisation very well. For their present direct political formation, BJP, the ground was stabilised by veteran parliamentarian and acceptable leader A.B.Vajpayee. He was considered a right person in a wrong place by his admirers who opposed BJP. The foundation for capturing power was laid by L.K.Advani by his Rath Yatra and demolition of Babri Masjidh. Vajpayee the former prime minister of NDA is retired, LK Advani is not yet tired. But  Narendra Modi is going to occupy the saffron building constructed although Ram temple is not yet constructed.

According to ‘Venkiah Naidu formula ‘ there can be one Loh Purush and one Vikas Purush within a party. Vikas purush shall be the Prime Minister and Loh Purush may become home Minister or deputy prime minister. Does the situation now is moving towards two purush formula ?  In the previous occasion Vikas Purush Vajbayee enjoyed the support of NDA partners although it was Loh Purush who did much of the campaign.

Now Nitish Kumar the Bihar Chief Minister of BJP alliance is opposed to Narendra Modi. The BJP Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh is having an alternate growth model pitted against Narendra Modi. Many second level leaders in BJP are with Advani although they may not openly reveal it. There is a new honey moon between Advani and Mulayam Singh Yadav from Utter Pradesh. This is possible because Advani tried to assuage the feelings of Muslims by his positive comment on Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Mulayam Singh Yadav can support Advani without antagonising Muslims.

Moreover any future partners for NDA shall never support Narendra Modi. AIADMK shall be a consolation support to Narendra Maodi. But the parties like DMK or Telugu Desam shall favour only Advani if he proposes a common Minimum Programme excluding construction of Ram temple.

Therefore Narendra Modi will be the star campaigner only. He can be thrown away like curry leaf Kalyan Singh. In case of a hung parliament neither BJP nor Congress can decide the candidate for the top most post. The third parties although they are a  fragile formation shall have a common agenda of preferring Advani rather than Narendra Modi.

The following possibilities can be explored.

1. Non BJP Non Congress Third parties get full majority – Govinda to Narendra Modi

2.Congress become single largest party and returns to power with old and new alliance partners – Govinda to Narendra Modi

3. BJP become single largest party and forms government with the support of old and new alliance partners. Namo Advani & Arohara Narendra Modi

4.Third parties form a new alliance and get outside support from Congress party – Govida to Narendra Modi

5. Third parties form a new alliance and get outside support from BJP- Arohara to Narendra Modi

6.Congress get full majority – Govinda to Narendra Modi

7. BJP get full majority – NAMO Narendra Modi

Although Nitin Gatdkari was favoured by RSS for leading BJP a situation developed which forced Gadkari to resign. Therefore one cannot assume that just because one individual is supported by RSS, he can be successful.

The present scenario is in favour of Narendra Modi within BJP. But it has not ruled out Advani. Gadgari is nowhere in the scene. The people are going to decide. The projection by media, surveys, campaigners are well considered for analysis but not for a decision.


Rajinikanth, Kamal Hassan support Tamil Eelam struggle

Rajinikanth, Kamal Hassan support Tamil Eelam struggle

Chennai, Mar 25 (TruthDive): The Tamil Nadu students have set an example for others in highlighting the concerns of the people of the state to the lethargic, unconsciousness of the Government of India. Their peaceful protests spread to other organisations and people.

When the Tamil film directors and other artists conducted a protest meeting in Valluvar Kottam, Chennai many were asking why the actors were silent on this issue.

Now, the actors have come forward to show their interest in this burning issue. Kollywood actors are preparing for hunger strike on April 2. Particularly, Superstar Rajinikanth and Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Hassan are to participate.

The student community is very clear about the intentions of the political parties in Tamil Nadu, position of the Government of India, the American interests, the apprehensions and  pretensions in United Nations, the opposing and supporting views of international community etc.

The students of Tamil Nadu have got a clear understanding of who are all the enemies acting against Tamils. Various organisations and sections of students are alleging conspiracies against Tamils.

At this juncture, we share the views expressed by students from various colleges regarding the forces acting against achieving Eelam. At the same time, we also propose what Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan can do by going beyond the one day hunger strike.

1.Geopolitical forces against Tamils

LTTE conducted one of the greatest violent struggles against Sinhala Buddhist supremacists. But, such a group could not tackle the indirect strategic military intervention of India and other Asian countries in the island of Sri Lanka by providing logistic and technical support. It went against the interests of Tamils and in favour of Sinhalese who are the main parties in conflict. If it was one to one between LTTE and Sri Lankan Army, Eelam could have been achieved. The coalition of economic superpowers aided, protected and defended Sri Lanka for their own selfish interests. They conduct eyewash drama in the form of UN resolution.

The American resolution in UN was a mere play of words. It was drafted by diplomacy so that whether it is adopted or not, Sri Lanka will have a free hand in continuing their agenda of genocide.

In future, there will be another resolution in UN about Sri Lanka. Rainikanth and Kamal Hassan should meet the ambassadors of the concerned nations and impress upon the necessity of taking appropriate action to safeguard the Tamils left in the island.

2.Bureaucrats against Tamils

The bureaucrats in the Ministry of External affairs have always supported the Sri Lankan Government.  Whether Indian fishermen are killed or Eelam Tamils are killed, the policy remains the same. Whether it is violent struggle by LTTE which came to an end in 2009 or a democratic demands after 2009, the foreign policy of India is based on the stomach rather than brain since the Government is ruled by an economist. The bureaucrats make use of weak political leadership to impose their will at the behest of Sri Lanka.

Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan should use their good offices in the Ministry of External affairs, meet the bureaucrats personally and ask them to change their attitude towards suffering Tamils.

3.Parliament, Politics and Democracy.

Whenever Eelam issue is raised in Parliament, a method is employed by the national parties to hijack the discussion to some untimely issues. It is considered as a foreign affair and the main political parties invite national interest and security of nation. The Government of India is run as if it is fully governed by the Congress party without any coalition.

In the recent uproar in Parliament, Telengana issue and other issues were suddenly raised to suppress the voices of a rare unity shown by DMK and AIADMK MPs.

Better Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan choose one Parliamentary constituency each situated along the Tamil Nadu coast and contest as independents to raise their voices for the sole purpose of safeguarding Indian fishermen.


For the so-called national media, the nation excludes Tamil Nadu. They cried for 2G and Anna Hazare. They maintained silence on the  genocide of Tamils and published articles appreciating Rajapakse. This is anti-Tamil attitude.  They do not understand that the students are now mature enough to read in between the lines. The Subramanyam Swamism and  N Ramism in the dictionary of Rajapakse are well understood by Tamil students now.

Just like the DMK Chief and AIADMK chief, both Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan should issue quarterly letters and appeals to the Prime Minister for resolving Sri Lanka problem. This will remind the Prime minister not to “act” like a Prime Minister, but to behave like a Prime Minister.

5.Tamils against Tamils

This is what we call self-destruction. Whenever united struggle erupts in Tamil Nadu, the enemies of Tamil race incite violence among Tamils in the name of caste and religion. Recently, some incidents between two communities in Rameswaram may be such an attempt to divert the attention from the student struggle. Only Tamil people have to blame themselves for this.

The AIADMK which was born to oppose Karunanidhi  has already moved forward to look beyond opposing DMK. AIADMK Government has acted rightfully in passing resolutions in the state Assembly against Sri Lankan Government. Those who are opposed to DMK are now with AIADMK.

The recent development of DMK coming back to its core ideals (leaving the benefits of minister posts) is a welcome development towards united fight against the Indian foreign policies.

In the next Parliamentary elections, alliances led by both AIADMK and DMK will have the same agenda. They will demand the following:

1. Declare killings in Sri Lanka as a genocide

2. Establish international war crime investigations

3. Create Tamil Eelam.

The students protesting to create Eelam belong to no political party. Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan belong to no political party.

The DMK and AIADMK if they have the same agenda, should form an alliance for Tamil Nadu and Puducherry with 20 seats each with the above demands. That was one dream demand put forward by a student in Pachayappa’s College. Surprising but it depends on the concurrence of the leaders of these opposing parties. Forty MPs from Tamil Nadu will be more than enough to change the foreign policy and for successfully implementing the above demands.


Editor’s note :This article appears to be  neither satirical nor non-satirical. Proposals about the action to be taken by Rajinikanth & Kamal Hassan, DMK  & AIADMK appear to be impossible. We leave it to the readers.


“Eelam hooligans ” calls Times of India

“Eelam hooligans ” calls Times of India

The times of India in its Chennai edition dated March 18 reported about attack on a Buddhist monk in Thanjavur. The title was ” Eelam hooligans find little support”

According to The webster’s dictionary the word hooligan means a ruffian or hoodlum. Ruffian means a lawless person or brutal bully. Hoodlum means a a thug or gangster.

Thesaurus in the above link also calls it a “rowdy”

Our concern is why such a word is combined with a word Eelam by Times of India. It could have been described in some other phrases. We suspect that the media including Times of India and the Hindu are hands in hand with Sri Lanka and Rajapakse to defame the Eelam struggle in derogatory words.

No doubt the attack on Buddhist monk has been condemned by many in Tamil nadu. It is totally unacceptable especially in a land where Buddhism was born and practiced.

The politics of words is always a tool in the hands of propaganda machinery and the person or group which handle such words and phrases themselves expose their own mind.

The Indian media which kept a deceitful silence on the genocide of Tamils in 2009 is incapable of exposing the war crimes. All the evidences have been gathered by Non indian media. The UK  media is more merciful towards Eelam Tamils than Indian media.

According to Tamil inscription of 1’st century BC the Eelam refers the whole of Sri Lankan island. Another old  name Serendip also refers island of Sei Lanak. Seren is derived from Cheran , the name of ancient Tamil Kingdom which is the present day Kerala.The Ezhavas are even now a community with origins in the region of India presently known as Kerala according to Wikipedia.

At present the word Eelam denotes the north and East of of Sri Lankan island which is claimed as homeland of Sri Lanka Tamils.

The Hindu news paper which has never tried to hide its inclination and friendship towards  Rajapakse and Sri Lanka devoted a quarter of front page with a title” Sri Lankan monk assaulted” on 17 March.  What a concern for humanity and law and order! They never care about lakhs of Tamils killed and are concerned only when a Sri Lanka Sinhalese monk is roughed up. Some stray incidents are highlighted. Bigger events are hidden. Great journalistic ethics.


Here Comes Rahul Gandhi

Here Comes Rahul Gandhi

Noted Periyarist Ve. Anaimuthu has criticized the rule of One party, influence of One family in India with reference to the elevation of Rahul Gandhi in Congress party. In his opinion, the status quoists and rich people are robbing the country by pushing down majority of the people.

From 1946, excluding just 7 years, Congress party has ruled India for 67 years in one or other form… The Communist parties should have evolved as an alternate to Congress party… They have lost their place to BJP and other regional parties.

BJP, as decided in 1948 RSS meeting, were firm in establishing Hindutva rule before the year 2000. But they too could not compete with Congress party. However, those policies (of RSS) are safeguarded in Indian constitution and in practice. The Indian Executive and Judiciary defend it. The Indian education system is also changed accordingly. The Congress party is therefore successful in establishing the policies of BJP with unannounced secret agenda by capturing the power.

Until 1991, Congress party won elections by getting help from Gandhi period through rich people like Tata, Birla. From 1991 it gets help from people like Ambani and Mittal.

After 1969, the Congress party was successful to enslave the regional forces in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra through power and money. The same strategy was followed in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar to retain power in 2004 and 2009 parliament elections.

The Congress party has now enacted a drama to make Rahul Gandhi, the heir of Gandhi-Nehru dynasty as the Prime Minister of India.

The above opinion is published in the February issue of Sinthanaiyaalan, a monthly run by Ve. Anaimuthu. The monthly has also published the following poem by Thamizhendhi.


Coming soon our Rahul Gandhi
Coming crowned as younger prince

Shower is guaranteed
For three rains a month
Manmohan hair
Is going to shiver

Coming soon to untangle
The head full of
Body louse.
Coming soon to spray
Scent to the dead body

Entire country is
Sold in wholesale
Rest of the wealth
Is the property of Ambani

Coming to enhance
Compensation to a farmer
Who hangs by suicide

He too attends
The funeral rites
To feed the rice
Into the mouth of the dead.

“Welcome my lord
Come on dear cub”
With slogan and flags
The man of Gopalapuram
Shall greet you as well.

Saffron cats are
Roaming for dry fish
Red shirts are
Searching for comrades

The scandal of Bofors
Has given birth to a son
Whoever comes to rule
Can rob with free hand.



Is Lee Kai Fu a crack in the great iron wall of China?

Is Lee Kai Fu a crack in the great iron wall of China?

New Delhi, 19.Feb (TruthDive): Lee Kai fu is having 30 million followers is social media Weibo of China. Add 24 million “listeners” on Tencent Weibo. But he has now asked his followers to join him in Twitter. This is because he is barred from these sites in China similar to twitter for three days.

The man with so much of followers is no ordinary personality. He had already worked for Microsoft and Google. He is an inspiration to younger Chinese generation in advancement in their life through education and employment.

Lee Kai Fu is a man of innovation ever since he announced 115 million dollar venture capital for start ups in mobile internet, cloud computing etc. To his credit he attempted Tailor made operating systems for Chinese users. Unlike India where western technologies are directly imported in this area the Chinese attempt for their own.

Some people are critical about his switching over of the loyalties to the companies which employed him as an act of treachery. But that is a way for upward movement. He has kept himself flowing without stagnant which is an essential quality of a man of success.

Such a man with great potential can easily invite troubles if he lives anywhere in this world. He is living in Beijing and is known supporter of freedom of expression in social media. For those who believe that everything is censored in China it may be surprising that Lee Kai-fu supported a fight against censorship. That shows that China is a country of more freedom than what the rest of the world believes.

Although he is partially restrained he has expressed his opinion that social media is infinitely open than any other media in China. The optimistic views of Taiwan born US educated scholar and scientist may be considered as a cautious step.

China cannot afford to lose him and Lee Kai-fu is bound to fight by staying within.

The new Communist party leader of China has already warned about a collapse of Soviet union style. He cited political riot, ideological heresy and military disloyalty as reason for the great collapse of Communist regime in USSR. He has categorically stated that China cannot allow any subversive errors.

Is there any subversive error in the episode of Lee Kai-fu ? Hope it is not. The Communist Party of China cannot ignore the individuals who have worked for the progress of the country. China has definitely accommodated and encouraged individuals otherwise it could not have achieved the progress better than India where individual freedom is unlimited.


Shah Rukh Khan Muslim or Indian or Indian Muslim?

Shah Rukh Khan Muslim or Indian or Indian Muslim?

Chennai, Feb 3 (TruthDive): The magnetic star of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan tops the celebrity list of Forbes India magazine. At the same time, his identity as an Indian by nationality and as a Muslim by religion has become a debatable subject again.

In an article in Outlook-NYT year-end issue Shah Rukh Khan spoke out about being a Khan. But it was misquoted and misunderstood as if Muslims are unsafe in India.

Subsequently Lashkar-e-Taiba founder Hafiz Saeed asked Shah Rukh Khan to migrate to Pakistan. This is clearly a provocative mischief against the Indian people irrespective of whether one is Muslim or Hindu. But the remark by Pakistan interior minister Rehman Malik advising India to provide security to Shahruk Khan is a clear interference in the administration of India. India retaliated by an answer from Home secretary level by asking Pakistan to mind its own business.

The issue is projected to stamp this actor as a Muslim. This takes him to an international identity. Whereas stamping him as an Indian, restricts him to India. The fact is that he has already crossed both identities and is liked by people of all religious groups from many countries.

It is natural that the Muslims in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia identify themselves with Sharukh khan as a fan. This is in fact a reverse process. It is not that Shah Rukh Khan who identifies himself as a Muslim. It is also in the mass or individual psychology of men identifying themselves with hero while watching a film.

Deliberate efforts are made by the Islamic and Hindu extremist movements in Indian media to induce identity crisis to create confusion in Indian politics.

The Islamic movements in Pakistan interfere and the Hindu outfits make use of it to alienate Muslims in India. The Hindu extremists propagate that the Muslims in India encourage victory of Pakistan in case of India Pakistan cricket match. After introducing religion in Politics, Sports they are not willing to spare the field of Arts.

Lot of views from intellectual discussion to trash blogs are available in India about SRK and interference in his identity. Our Indian readers should also see what is said from across in Pakistan Media.

Pakistan Media Dawn compares Kamal Hsaasn and Shah Rukh Khan episodes and describes it as an increasingly knee-jerk “reactionary India”. Dawn has pointed out the irony of Kamal Hassan opting to leave India towards a secular country while Shah Rukh Khan would not do so. The article insists that both Shah Rukh Khan and Kamal Hassan are victims of “cultural terrorism”. Another blog from Pakistan has invited a reference to the protest by Shiv Sena and its allies when Hindi Actor Dilip Kumar ( original name -Yusuf Khan) received the Nishan-e-Imtiaz, the highest civilian award of Pakistan in 1990s. “Kashmir times “ indicates growing trajectory of intolerance in India from Shahrukh Khan to Kamal Hassan

There are converging and differing views from both sides of the border or Line of Actual Control , or if we imagine, the whole geographical area of the erstwhile greater India,

Now what could be the reaction of an average Indian who is neither right nor ;left, neither up nor down?

If India is intolerant to Muslims how Shah Rukh Khan can become a super star in Indian Cinema? How Muslims hold key posts in Indian Government? It is true that there is a political problem in Kashmir, Babri Majid was demolished, Innocent Muslims were killed in Gujarat riots. But such issues plague most of the Asian countries.

India is a democratic country and all are equal citizens. The constitution has provided adequately to follow any religion. Depending on the issue, enough importance is given for religious personal laws which are based on the scriptures, culture, custom and morality.

There are number of Indian celebrities who follow Islam.

Shah Rukh Khan is Indian. Following Islam is his birthright. That is enough to explain.

Vishwaroopam unmasks Kamal Hassan

Vishwaroopam unmasks Kamal Hassan

Chennai, Jan 24 (TruthDive): Actor Kamal Hassan is frozen with shock if anyone can read his mind. He must have been pushed to depression and messed up his own character and career.

Only Kamal Hassan should explain why he lands himself in trouble. Films like Anbe Sivam have earned him a good name which addressed human values. But when presenting social values and national issues, one should think twice. No one can be taken for granted in this era of communication and information technology. His ambition to telecast Vishwaroopam in DTH may be right. But that went wrong. Similarly the intention of Kamal Hassan for addressing the problems of terrorism or religious extremism may be right. But it is not working.

His plan to release Vishwaroopam on Miladi Nabi day should be a clear provocation on a sensitive issue. He can influence the censor board to get certificate but cannot escape public scrutiny.

He should have in mind that a film on the plot to kill Rajiv Gandhi was shelved  by the Government. Perhaps he should have derived enough confidence and strength from the established forces which allowed his film Hey Ram based on plot to kill Mahatma Gandhi.

Such double standards will not work on the ground and could not go well with the people. It is unfortunate that such an actor of great talent tries this subject while there are so many innumerable stories on hand with imaginative story writers.

Now Kamal Hassan has no place to hide. His secret wishes for soft Hindutva are exposed. He himself betrayed him which should have been avoided.

Kamal Hassan has created great trouble now with news pouring in from various district police officers that this film has a potential to create law and order problem throughout Tamil Nadu. He has invited more trouble for the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and the Government who are preparing to celebrate Republic Day.