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    As Flipkart slips, Amazon is tightening its grip on India’s mobile shoppers

    Flipkart is losing its grip on India’s mobile shoppers. On the face of it, the homegrown e-commerce company is leading the pack. As of March, Flipkart accounted for 30.7% of India’s monthly mobile e-commerce users, according to data intelligence firm 7Park Data. Amazon was almost neck-to-neck with Flipkart, capturing 30.3%. Snapdeal lagged far behind at…

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    Social Media Users Slam United on Twitter After They Reportedly Wouldn’t Allow Girls to Wear Leggings on Flight

    United Airlines is facing major backlash after a woman tweeted that gate agents were not allowing young girls onto a flight because they were wearing leggings. Shannon Watts, a mother-of-five from Colorado and founder of movement Moms Demand Action, shared her experience on a recent flight on Twitter, writing that the young passengers were forced to change before…

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    The dumbest stuff we found at CES 2017

    It can’t all be good at CES, and these products … definitely weren’t. Tinder VR Tinder thought it’d be a good idea to use CES as a means to make a statement about how technology reduces our ability to make IRL connections. The company’s mission is ‘to get people together to have real experiences in…

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