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Rival teams agree to let new Force India keep its prize money!


In another piece of good news for the new Racing Point Force India F1 team, reports have emerged from Spa claiming that the new entity will actually not lose its share of prize money following a unanimous agreement with F1’s teams.

It was expected that Force India’s asset-based buy-out by the Stroll consortium would lead to the new entity being deprived of any rights to its predecessors prize money.

In reality, per the latest unanimous agreement reached with all of the sports’ teams, Racing Point Force India will be entitled to ‘Column 1’ prize money – or funds divided equally among all teams which have finished in the top 10 places of the Constructors’ championship in two of the past three seasons.

However, with regard to 2018 , the team will only be eligible for prize money associated with the points it earns from Spa until the end of the season.

The concession was likely the result of some lengthy discussions among the sport’s teams, with everyone eventually coming to their senses and reaching a unanimous agreement to hand back to Force India its previously hard-earned prize money.

The team has however been stripped of all its 2018 championship points.

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