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Dominican Republic and Prepaid Mobile Phone Sim Cards


Updated 8/5/2017

The Dominican Republic is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean and the world for tourism. Thanks to its beautiful beaches, low costs, and proximity to the United States, it is the ideal vacation spot for those looking for paradise closer to home. One common requirement for most tourists is the need to maintain their mobile phone communications such as voice calls, internet data, and SMS capabilities. The only issue is that most operators charge extremely high fees in order to provide the services so many tourists opt-out of their existing roaming.
This is when the thought of buying a prepaid Sim Card comes to mind. The benefits of taking a Sim Card with you on your trip to Dominican Republic are many.

For one, you are able to communicate with loved ones as soon as you land on the island with the knowledge of the amount of minutes, data, and SMS are in your plan. Usually for a very affordable price that ranges from $40-$100 depending on your needs such as length of stay and preference for minutes and data.

Here at TruthDive we were preparing for a trip to the DR (Punta Cana) and were in need of prepaid sim cards for our team of 5, so we began to browse the web. After some thorough research, we’ve discovered that there are not many providers that are local to the Dominican Republic and can ship your Sim Card within the USA or any part of the world through an online purchase. After some digging, we found one provider and decided to give them a try: DominicanSimCards.com

After some digging, we found one provider and decided to give them a try: DominicanSimCards.com

The checkout process was simple although they did require us to show identification at some point. They suggested to just e-mail a picture of our passports before arrival of the sim cards, otherwise it would be difficult to activate with local mobile phone carriers in the country. We were a bit worried about this, so we asked why this was necessary.

According to Dominican Sim Cards, the local mobile phone carriers may sometimes request the ID of the individuals activating the new prepaid mobile phone sim cards. This is done in order to prevent fraudulent orders as well as make sure that if your phone is stolen, that the thieves are not able to activate it. This made complete sense so we proceeded to send them our identification.

Two days before our trip, we received our sim cards in the mail at our hotel in Miami, Florida with instructions on how to activate the cards once we were in the Dominican Republic.
When we landed we all agreed we’d activate our sim cards at the same time and test it out. We proceeded to call each other and it worked wonderfully! We were all very excited to share our time in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with our friends and family.

Everyone on the team chose Call Forwarding so we could get all calls to our original phone numbers redirected to our new Dominican phone numbers.

So there you have it. If you are traveling to the Dominican Republic and need a prepaid sim card / mobile phone plan for a short amount of time then we would recommend using the services of DominicanSimCards.com

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