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India will never love Cheteshwar Pujara the way it loves Virat Kohli but that doesn’t matter


It didn’t take long for the worms to come out of the woodwork. Once the result of the Ranchi Test was no longer in doubt, the comments started to flow. They all, roughly, said the same thing.

“Maybe Pujara could have played faster.”

The purists put their hands up in exasperation. They argued, they made their point, and just when they thought they had managed to explain why Pujara’s innings was essential for India, another comment would pop up.

“If only Pujara could have batted like Jadeja.”

By now, the purists were angry. This man had batted out of his skin to save India, he had played the longest recorded innings by an Indian in Test cricket and all people could talk about was a 55-ball 54. Then, came a low blow.

“Pujara is the most boring batsman of all time.”

Maybe it was just a troll having some fun. But all hell broke loose.

They call Test cricket the toughest format, but could Jadeja have saved the match for India with that knock? You needed a Pujara to do that, just as you once needed VVS Laxman.

For the last six…

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