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  • Politics

    Trump Wants to Slash EPA Budget By 25 Percent

    President Donald Trump is seeking a 25 percent cut to the Environmental Protection Agency as part of his budget blueprint he is sending to Congress. Reuters reported Friday on the 23-page proposal that includes reducing the EPA’s budget by $2 billion and cutting the number of employees by 20 percent, to make room for defense…

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  • Entertainment

    Star Wars Actor: Put Muslims On TV Or They Will Join ISIS

    Star Wars actor Riz Ahmed gave some advice on how to fight the terror group ISIS. During a Thursday speech to Channel 4’s annual diversity lecture in Parliament, Ahmed urged television producers to embrace diversity and have more Muslim representation, or young people will feel alienated and will be more vulnerable to joining extremist groups. ‘If we fail to represent,…

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  • India

    How on earth did India come up with these GDP numbers?

    So maybe demonetisation never really happened. Maybe it was all a bad dream: the late evening announcement, the subsequent cash crunch, the regulatory chaos, the deaths because people could not get medical treatment with old notes. Maybe the reporters who described all the job losses and migrant workers forced to go back home and farmers…

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