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Mexico reminds us, again, that they are not paying for Trump’s wall


If Donald Trump is looking for appropriate building materials, it turns out that there’s good news.

There is no greater symbol of the triumph of freedom over tyranny than the Berlin Wall. There is no greater architectural or artistic statement than one or more complete 12′ (4m) tall sections of the Berlin Wall.

Safely preserved since 1990, these seven complete sections are now available for sale.

Of course, the Berlin Wall was only 91 miles long and 12 feet high. It’s going to take many, many more tyranny bricks to bake Trump’s triumphant eyesore. And when it comes to paying for those bricks, don’t look to Mexico.

Mexico’s new Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said on Tuesday there is no way his country will pay for the wall that U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has pledged to build on the United States’ southern border to keep out illegal immigrants.

‘There’s no way that could happen,’ Videgaray said on Mexican television a few days after his appointment. ‘There are no circumstances … not even the best possible trade deal, investments, support which would justify taking a step that would violate the dignity of Mexicans to such an extent.’

That would be a no way, no how, never. None of which will stop Trump from making promises he can’t keep.

Friday morning, Trump said Americans may have to foot the bill, only for expediency’s sake, and wait for Mexico to reimburse its northern neighbor.

Just wait. Just keep waiting. And waiting. And …




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