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Amazon Now Allowing People In India To Sell Their Used Products


There are countless online marketplaces that people in India can use to post ads for old stuff that they want to sell. Popular platforms include the likes of Olx, Ebay, and Quikr. The world’s largest online retailer is now throwing its hat in the ring as well. Amazon India is now allowing people in the country to sell their used products via its platform. Amazon is calling this new service “Sell as Individual.”

The Sell as Individual service for users in India is currently in the pilot stage so it’s only operational in Bangalore at this point in time, though, it goes without saying that Amazon India will expand it to other cities across the country if the response from the pilot program is up to its expectations.

People who want to Sell as Individual on Amazon India just need to list their stuff while Amazon India will take care of the delivery and packaging of the product. Once the product is listed, a representative from Amazon India will visit the seller to collect the product from them.

Sellers will be charged Rs. 10 ($0.15) for every item that they sell priced below Rs. 1,000 ($15), they will be charged Rs. 50 ($0.75) if the item costs between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 5,000 ($75) and Rs. 100 ($1.5) if the item sold is priced more than Rs. 5,000.

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