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PRO Housekeepers Launches in Miami – On-Demand Home Cleaning & Maid Services


Ever want to clean your home, but thought it was too much of a hassle? Or maybe you just didnt feel comfortable with a stranger in your home? After all your home is your ultimate privacy! PRO Housekeepers understands these issues and has created an easy on-demand cleaning company for residential customers. They have a rigorous quality assurance program to ensure all staff are trustworthy and experienced enough to go into any home without any worries! PRO Housekeepers also has a strict ‘No Cash or Contracts’ policy which means you can only pay with your card online or over the phone and never have to sign any agreements.

Although they have been operating in Tampa, FL since 2015, they have recently launched in Miami, FL – a metropolis that could definitely benefit from such a service. They have both prepackaged plans depending on the size of your home in square footage and # of rooms as well as an hourly rate with a 3-hour minimum. If you’re in Miami and are considering hiring a trustworthy maid services company like no other, PRO Housekeepers Miami is just for you!

How To Book Online:

  1. Go to PRO Housekeepers website and select a package (no contracts)
  2. Choose your date and time
  3. Input your preferred payment method
  4. Wait for the PROs to arrive!

How To Book Over Phone:

  1. Call their customer service: 844-242-9464 (or 305-834-7577 for Miami locals)
  2. Tell them what you need: Regular Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, etc..
  3. Provide Payment Info
  4. Wait for the PROs to arrive!

They are currently running Holiday Promotions all December with up to 44% off on Miami cleaning services.

They are also selling Miami Home Cleaning Gift Cards for Christmas / New Year gifts which you can find here:

PRO Housekeepers Miami Gift Cards





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