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Grim side of Salman Khan

Chennai,May7(TruthDive): Salman Khan going to jail is of what use to me asks the widow of the slain man. As Bollywood and some in the South movie industry rooted for Salman Khan , wife of Mohamed Sharif the man who was crushed under the wheels of a car driven by a drunk actor is struggling to get one meal a day. TV channels had time only to film actors calling at the actor’s house and sympathy poured in from Bollywood actors and technicians. The reason that they said was that through an organisation called Being Human, Salman Khan has been doing humanitarian service and with Rs250 crores being invested on his flms, Bollywood will be badly hit. In view of this the Khan should be given a lighter sentence and some even wanted the court to let him off with a pardon. A music director tweeted that those who sleep on the streets are dogs and some of them die. Farah Khan tweeted that the conviction of the Star was like holding a train engine driver guilty of running over a person crossing the tracks. The dead man was sleeping on the pavement and not on the road is a fact that Khan overlooked. Malayalam film director Major Ravi blamed the cops for not driving out pavement dwellers. Malayalam-Tamil actor Suresh Gopi felt that more than the monetary loss to Bollywood, the conviction has given out a larger message to society.

As the cry to make Salman Khan a person targetted by courts for being a celebrity and that the man who was killed deserved to die, the widow says that after the death of her husband, family of the actor had promised her Rs10 lakhs. So far she has not recived a penny. She asks that by sending Salman Khan to jail is not going to help her life get better. The actor’s bodyguard who told the court that the actor was at the wheels and drunk had to go in hiding and finally died of TB. The driver of the actor springs up after a decade to take the blame on himself. Court asked the actor as to why this was not reported to the cops and why is the man still in his employment.




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