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Uttama Villain fails to release in morning shows

Chennai,May1(TruthDive):  The fans who arrived to catch the morning show of Uttama Villain were told by the theatres that they would have to wait for the noon show. No reason was given for the cancellation. The reason that is coming from the sources close to the production house is that the director Ramesh Aravind and actor Kamal Haasan had at the last moment decided to cut 15 minuts of the running time of three hours after the screening of the special show. Many celeberties who saw Uttama Villain  and were in awe  felt that the running hours needed to be cut down. Sources say that the cuts that were implemented had to be done across 1500 screens and this took time. The premiere shows in USA and Dubai went as usual.

Trade circles say that Thirupathi brothers the production house had borrowed money from many financiers promising distribution rights of Uttama Villain. Thangam cinemas had given Rs2 crore on the condition that it would be given distribution rights of Uttama Villain and as it was not given to them they moved the court which ordered the production house to give back the money with interest before April 28. Now another production house had given money to Tirupathi brothers and this money was to be cleared before the release. The production house which is closely linked with a top actor with whom Thirupathi brothers had once produced a film and burnt their fingers kept waiting and did not move the courts. As the film was ready for release and there was no move from Thirupathi brothers, the company decided to obtain a stay order. Thirupathi brothers are now in talks with the production cum distribution house to arrive at an amicable settlement.

The film had run into trouble with the theatre owners association President who owns Rohini theatre in Chennai. The President demanded Rs 50 lakhs as bribe to settle a dispute over Kamal’s Vishwaroopam and wanted Thirupathi brothers to pay Rs50 lakhs as compensation to the theatre owners association. Kamal had filed a complaint with the competetive commission alleging that theatre owners and distributors were functioning as a cartel and restricting free trade. Theatre owners association claimed that it had spend Rs25 lakhs on fighting the suit and distributors had spend Rs2 lakhs. Thirupathi brothers paid Rs2 lakh to the distributors association and Kamal withdrew his suit. A sum of Rs 25 lakhs that was given the theatre owners President was deposited with the association after multiplex theatre owners ganged up against him. VHP had gone to court seeking a ban on Uttama Villain and the plea was rejected. Media saw the film at a special screening today morning.




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