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Kerala CPM MP, Suresh Gopi,Mammooty,Rahul Gandhi and Modi

Thiruvananthapuram,Dec 30 (TruthDive): Kerala MP M B Rajesh of CPM is bowled over by Rahul Gandhi’s knowledge of various topics. Kerala filmdom’s top Star Suresh Gopi hints that Mammooty created the Mata Amritanandamayi controversy to defeat his own party candidate in Kollam. Both these utterances have created a stir in political circles of Kerala.

M B Rajesh is a youth icon and an MP from Palakkad. He has taken up many issues, was able to solve it and increase his popularity. He is popular among the youth of Kerala and is one of the leading lights of CPM’s youth wing. Rajesh is also an author and an editor of a magazine.

Rajesh won appreciation from Northern States’ MPs when he spoke in Hindi at the Lok Sabha. In an interview with DC, Rajesh said that his talk with Rahul Gandhi changed his perception of the Gandhi scion. Rajesh said that Rahul Gandhi and he had a two-hour talk on politics, philosophy, social changes and economy in the Parliament. Rahul showed his immense knowledge on these topics and changed Rajesh’s perception of him. Rajesh added that this did not change his political ideology.

Congress mouthpiece `Veekshanam’ , the Malayalam daily went to town about Rajesh’s praise for Rahul Gandhi. As this turned political, Rajesh came out with an explanation. He said that Congress leaders like Kapil Sibal and P Chidambaram were so arrogant that they were not willing to even hear him out for a few minutes. Rajesh said that he found Rahul to be sincere in what he believes. He said he found Jairam Ramesh in Congress and Arun Jaitley in BJP to be sincere. He rated Jaitley as a far better FM than Chidambaram.

Actor Suresh Gopi who has acted in action roles in Malayalam and Tamil films had a conspiracy theory to tell a Kerala based newspaper. Suresh Gopi plays a cameo in the upcoming Tamil film `I’. Suresh had met Narendra Modi when he was declared PM candidate. He then canvassed for actor Innocent (independent candidate supported by CPM). Later, he blasted Kerala CM Oommen Chandy and later withdrew his remarks.

Suresh Gopi who hails from Kollam said that he was to campaign for his friend and CPM ideologue M A Baby in the LS election. Gopi was a CPM student wing member in his college days. As his yet another friend Premachandran entered the fray, Gopi decided to remain neutral. At this time, the CPM run `Kairali’ channel telecasted the interview with the author of the book that hit out at Mata Amritanandamayi. This was at the instance of the person who is behind the channel. It was to defeat their own candidate, MA Baby. Gopi did not name Mammooty but it was obvious as the latter is the Chairman of the channel.

Gopi said that the interview served the purpose but it also caused defeat to two other candidates of CPM due to the backlash. He called opposition leader and CPM senior most member VS as his ideal leader and in the same breath he hinted that Narendra Modi had offered him a RS berth and a minister post in the Union ministry. Gopi added that he would not be surprised if it happens. He declined to comment on Kiss of Love as he feared the reaction from the youth.




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