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Congress abandons Rahul’s plans

New Delhi,Dec 30 (TruthDive): Congress seniors have dumped Rahul Gandhi’s move for transparency in organizational polls and is to revert to the three-year term from the five-year term for office bearers. This follows the dissidence brewing in the States over presidents chosen by Rahul Gandhi.

If a poll is held, then these presidents will get a drubbing. To avoid embarrassment to Rahul Gandhi, Congress decided to drop the election process. Rahul Gandhi was told that his method to conduct polls in Youth Congress was a failure and that it had only created discord.

Congress presidents in Rajasthan (Sachin Pilot) and Arun Yadav in Haryana have been failures and not able to unite the party against BJP. Next Rahul’s choice is Kerala Chief V M Sudheeran. He too has only created a big divide.

Some of the recent appointments of State Chiefs to Assam, Tamil Nadu and Goa without internal elections are an indicator. At the moment, there is a need to create a unity to rebuild the party. Rahul’s internal democracy plan in Indian Youth Congress cannot be duplicated in Congress, say senior leaders.

The old and tried method of consensus among various groups would be back in play. The next on the agenda is to jettison the selection of candidates based on US like primaries. Under this, Congress workers in the constituency get to vote for their choice of the candidate. This was to bring in involvement of grassroot workers in selection of candidate.

All the candidates selected by this system lost the polls. It showed that the workers’ acceptability was not enough but also the demographics has to be taken into account, said senior leaders. Primaries will be given a go by. Most of the senior leaders agree that Rahul has to come to front and lead the Congress. His absence at the Founder’s Day of Congress did not go well with many senior leaders.




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