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Mohanlal pardon for Sanjay Dutt creates a stir

Kochi, Nov30(TruthDive): Mohanlal FB post has raked up a storm over his support for Sanjay Dutt, languishing in jail. The Malayalam actor commented that Sanjay Dutt needs a pardon and needs to be treated with compassion. Mohanlal said that Dutt was known to him for past 20 years and that the latter had reformed and become a family man. It is time to pardon him so that he can put the bad incident behind him. This demand had been put forth by many Bollywood stars.

This time, the outfit Gandhian foundation from Kottayam has written to President of India (who is supreme commander of armed forces), asking that Mohanlal ,who is Honarary Lt. Col. Territorial Army be stripped of this post as he has questioned a Supreme Court verdict. Incidentally a pardon can be granted by the President and that too on Union ministry orders, as was evident in case of Rajiv Gandhi killers.

Mohanlal has been recommended for a Padmabhushan by the Congress ministry in Kerala. The Union home ministry got a complaint from an NGO in Kerala asking that a man, who is charged under a Wild Life protection act cannot be given this honour. The State ministry stance is that the case is only technical. Income Tax raided Mohanlal’s house and seized two elephant tusks. The actor says that he was in possession of the tusks for 20 years and had papers to prove his innocence. As the tusks came into his possession 20 years ago and at the same time his friendship with Sanjay Dutt started, who was a wild man and not reformed, could have a link is what his detractors suspect. Many ask that just because Mohanlal knew Sanjay Dutt for 20 years, should a pardon be given. Sanjay Dutt was found having guns, including an AK 47.

Mohanlal had appeared in a military uniform in an advertisement for a jewelry store and that sparked off a similar demand. In a recent blog, he asked the moral police in Kerala to not stop Kiss of Love protests, and termed Bengaluru as very tolerant to public affection . Kerala ministry said that the actor had as Lt.Col. had inspired many youth to join the army.

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