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US, China reach historic agreement to cut greenhouse emissions

Beijing, Nov 13 (TruthDive): China and the United States, the largest emitters of greenhouse gases of the world, announced new goals on Wednesday to reduce greenhouse emissions. This is an effort to stop climate change and encourage other countries to take similarly ambitious procedures in advance to a climate agreement to be settled next year.

President Obama, in a news conference said that they have reached an historic settlement with his Chinese colleague Xi Jinping on the last day of his 3-day visit to China. The greenhouse emissions deal signifies a major breakthrough in U.S.-China relationship, Obama said, adding that the deal shows what is possible, when we work together on a crucial global challenge.

The historic agreement is intended to introduce fresh drive into the international climate discussions. This is the first time the two countries, which are responsible for 40% of the carbon emissions of the world, have decided to work together.

The unexpected development by the two largest emitters of the world revealed the desire of both US and China to exhibit a joint front on the climate change, by reducing greenhouse emissions and setting an example for the rest of the world.

Some climate-change specialists agree that what took place is Beijing is very important.  Bradley Opdyke, a researcher and senior lecturer at Australian National University’s Research School of Earth Science said, the deal is a great development and it is a real breakthrough.

The White House statement said, the United States intends to achieve a target of reducing its greenhouse emissions by 26 to 28 %, below its 2005 level in 2025 and to make best efforts to reduce its greenhouse emissions by 28 percent.

China intends to increase the share of non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption to around 20 percent by 2030. The other plans of the agreement contain one initiative, which aims to lessen pollution by cities and another is that to encourage trade in green goods and environmentally clean technology.

As a part of this climate pact, China and the US will move to advanced coal technologies, including undertaking a major carbon capture and storage project in China.




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