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Printing your own 3-D car in two days becomes reality

New York, Oct 9 (ANI): Phoenix-based Local Motors has come up with the world’s first 3-D printed car ‘Strati’ that can be built up in approximately 44 hours according to the people’s specifications.

The car is built up, layer after layer, by a 3-D printer excluding the fitment of suspension components, seats, lighting and the electric engine and the rough edges can be sanded away for a smoother finish, New York Daily News reported.

Jay Rogers, co-founder and CEO of Local Motors, said that this is about simplification and streamlining and the materials used are about 3,500 dollars.

The Strati, which is built of carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic, tips the scales at about 1,800 lbs and has a top speed of approximately 50 mph.

It doesn’t take an engineering degree to realize the Strati is not exactly ready for the cut-and-thrust of everyday driving as there are no seatbelts or airbags, and no roof or side windows. (ANI)




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