Narendra Modi is chosen by Lord, says Catholic Church

Narendra Modi is chosen by Lord, says Catholic Church

Kochi, July 13 (TruthDive): Narendra Modi is the servant of Jesus Christ, says Catholic Church official organ Sunday Shalom.

The weekly Sunday newspaper published in English, Malayalam and Tamil is also published in USA. Catholic Bishop Council of India (CBCI) head Cardinal Celemis is the patron of the newspaper.

The revelation comes in the editorial written by Chief Editor, a priest himself as he quotes liberally from the Bible to drive home the point that Narendra Modi is the servant of Jesus. Also it winds up the political analysis for Congress debacle and exhorts faithful to pray for Narendra Modi.

The church, a dominant force in Kerala was with Congress and the massive victory of BJP in Lok Sabha has now made it realize that Congress is not going to be in the reckoning for quite sometime.

A few days ago, Alphonse Kannathanam a retired IAS officer who was a MLA with support of CPM and joined BJP had said that the church was ready to support BJP in the panchayat elections. Alphonse was denied a ticket as BJP leaders were against fielding him.

The church has roped in some Bishops who are said to be close to Narendra Modi for a dialogue. When Narendra Modi visited Kochi to attend a rally of dalits, he was met by Church leaders but Congress pressure made the bigwigs to stay away.

The editorial says that faithful might have prayed that Narendra Modi should not win but as he won it shows that Lord has chosen him as the one to serve. As per scriptures anybody serving the people is the one chosen by Lord.

The church has advised Congress to use the time it is out of power to do a cleansing of party. It said being in power for a long time has made governance rusty. It said that the regional parties started dictating terms as Congress did not have a majority.

It added that the poll debacle was good for Congress and its allies. Meanwhile, Latin Catholics sabha has said a reshuffle was good for ministry.

2 thoughts on “Narendra Modi is chosen by Lord, says Catholic Church

  1. The Catholic Church comments can not be written off because we all resisted the coming of Modi and there was full of fear about him coming to power.We made propaganda against him but the way he came into power and the number of MPs .they got from UP and Bihar is a proof that God wanted him to be the Prime Minister.In Tamilnadu jayaliitha worked ,in West Bengal Mamatha worked and in three states including Orissa they got unexpected majority even then they could not do anything and full majority was guaranteed for BJP.Perhaps God selected him and his speeches in parliament and doing business also is not aiming against any religious groups and as days goes ahead,he may even improve and all people of India may gain.God can not do injustice and India was not having a Leader for the last 10 years and Congress is a failed Party and it can not help the new generation’s aspirations.The conclusion of Catholic Church may be correct and we can definitely get service from Modi and let us feel that he is the one sent by God.Let us try and if he is having good intention we can believe him and go ahead

  2. This is just a ploy of pretentious goodwill, which will vanish and turn to vitriol at the first sign of much-needed laws governing conversions.

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