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The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes~ Exclusive Review

Chennai, July 12 (): The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the sequel to the Planet of Apes from 2011 hit screens yesterday on July 11.

The role of Ceasar is reprised by Andy Serkis; the movie also stars Jason clarke and Keri Russell and is directed by Matt Reeves.

The primate war

Trailing off from the prequel, Caesar leads the pack of Apes; evil is cast upon them and war between the primates is ignited. Will peace be retained or who wins the war is what the movie is about.

10 years after the virus caused the havoc, human civilization is threatened and few manage to survive colonizing themselves. Now Ceasar, the chief of apes stays away from human race leading his pack in peace. Everything is put at stake when his second in command Koba attacks humans, now they hit back. The rest is a emotional journey of survival.

Quirky Quotes

Caesar: If we go to war, we lose everything we built.
Family (pause) future..

Caesar: Apes don’t want war, but we will fight if we must

War has already begun (pause),  apes started it and humans will not forgive

 Ape not kill ape!


The movie stirs up the morals and righteousness. Kobo portrayed heroic in prequel is now the primary antagonist in this movie. Everytime when Caesar addresses the humans/ apes, he simply usurps and enthrals audience mesmerizing them.


Humans aren’t given much of a role to be played here, all they do is play puppet to apes. And when apes attack humans, their intention was to eradicate them however all they do is just lock them up in an open cage.

Worst Rated: 5.5/ 10
Best Rated   : 6.5/ 10

Dawn of planet of apes ~ A sequel which lives up to its prequel




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