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Arjun Rampal Delhi club raided by Narcotics unit

New Delhi, July 6 (): Arjun Rampal, the Bollywood actor- promoted LAP, the only members club, lounge bar and restaurant, functioning inside a starred hotel in posh Chanakyapuri was busted by the Crime branch (narcotics unit) past one pm.

The raid did not yield any narcotics but found that the club was playing music beyond the closing time and to top it, the bar and restaurant license had expired long time ago.

Arjun Rampal owned LAP functions from Chankayapuri’s Hotel Samrat, a five-star hotel. The narcotics unit informed Chankayapuri police station that came down and took away the music system and issued a challan.

After going through the club documents, police has sent a letter to the excise and licensing department asking for strict action against the bar and also on the police officials of Chanakyapuri police station for allowing the club to function without a license.

Arjun Rampal launched the LAP in August 2009 and he said the license has gone for renewal. Arjun Rampal claims that LAP had shut down the music system half an hour before 1 pm. He plans to move the court against the police action. Arjun Rampal denied that police had issued any challan.

A few days ago, after a nasty pub brawl, Delhi Police Commissioner had directed the JCP (Joint Police Commissioner) to see that the discos and pubs stopped playing music by 12.30 am, and should pull down shutters by 1 am.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) and ADCP were given responsibility to enforce the guidelines. The Narcotics unit had been asked to go to all pubs and restaurants in Lutyens’ Zone as it got a tipoff that in Hotel Samrat one of the three lounge bars and restaurants were playing music even after 1 am.

The staff from Narcotics unit raided the bar past 1 pm and found that liquor was being served and music was on. The unit found that the licence was issued in various names and all of them expired by March 31st this year.

Arjun Rampal who claimed that it has gone for renewal went back on his word and claimed that all documents are in order. Public sector ITDC has already served an eviction notice to LAP as it has rent arrears. Last year too LAP was raided and challaned by cops.




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