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More than 3,000 Chinese evacuated from Vietnam after violence

Beijing, May 19 (): China has evacuated more than 3,000 Chinese nationals from Vietnam after deadly rioting happened from an outburst of anger over Chinese oil drilling in a disputed area of the South China Sea, state news agency Xinhua said on Sunday.

Further, China is sending five ships to evacuate other Chinese nationals from Vietnam. On Sunday, the first ship started its sail in the sea, while other 16 Chinese nationals, who were critically injured left Vietnam on a chartered flight, the Chinese news agency said.

Two Chinese workers have been killed and dozens more injured in the unrest.

The Vietnamese government has called for an end to the protests. On Saturday, Vietnamese authorities have imposed heavy security to prevent any further unrest. Officials said that the “illegal acts” would be stopped immediately as they could harm the stability of the nation.

However, rebel groups have insisted people to gather again in the major cities on Sunday. But, the authorities have broken up some anti-China protests in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi City.

The violence had erupted after China positioned $1 billion oil rig in a part of the South China Sea claimed by Hanoi. It is the most horrible breakdown in connections between the two Communist neighbours since a short border war in 1979. The United States has described the move of China as provocative.

The evacuation of the Chinese nationals were done following days of clashes that happened between Chinese workers and Vietnamese rioters. Thousands of Vietnamese gathered as rioters turned against Chinese-owned businesses and Chinese workers, or those they thought to be Chinese. The Vietnamese rioters smashed gates, walls and windows, and torched factories and vehicles.

Currently, correspondents say, nationalist sentiment is running very high in Vietnam over the issue and many of those evacuated are workers employed at Chinese-owned factories or construction projects in Vietnam.




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