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China threatens of war with Vietnam over killing of Chinese factory workers

Washington, May 17 (ANI): China has threatened of war with Vietnam in the wake of the riots that have left 2 Chinese workers dead and 100 others injured.

Vietnam is faced by the worst anti-China crisis due to the deployment of oilrigs in the Asian waters that triggered tensions between Vietnamese and Chinese vessels.

According to News.com.au, the unrest has spread to 22 provinces with the Vietnamese government calling for stringent measures to bring the situation under control and avoid an exodus of foreign investors.

Tensions increased when China accused Hanoi of ‘connivance’ with protesters who have targeted hundreds of foreign-owned factories in Vietnam, as long-simmering enmity between the communist rivals boiled over, reports revealed.

US vice-president Joe Biden said that although the United States does not take a position on the competing territorial claims no nation should create assertions over disputed areas that hamper with the peace and security of the region.

The riots have created strong feelings of resentment among the Chinese nationals with some workers fleeing the area and hundreds of others taking refuge in Cambodia. (ANI)




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