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Rajinikanth Votes as Kochadaiiyaan is set to release

Chennai, Apr 24 (): Rajinikanth has Voted in Tamil nadu Parliament election as Kochadaiiyaan is set to release soon. So what?

The fans of Rajinikanth and others are curiously watching whether some media men catch live Rajinikanth voting to see his choice. What a bad habit? But people like that and are like that.

In the last elections Rajinikanth was captured live in camera. In the morning itself the fans and the people of Tamil nadu came to know that Rajinikanth voted for two leaves, the symbol of AIADMK. He was the same person who took a bold stand of opposing AIADMK in a previous election. No one knows what punishment was given to media man for acting in such illegal way.

Once he declared that even god cannot save Tamil nadu  if some one voted for Jayalalithaa. In another occasion he praised Jayalalithaa as a Dhairyalakshmi. ( a goddess with the wealth of velour).

For Rajinikanth taking different stands in different elections is like changing costumes in each scene. There is nothing wrong in it.

This time Narendra Modi visited Rajinikanth at his home in Chennai. That was enough to indicate his choice. It is a comedy scene that Kaurnanidhi’s son Alagiri too visited Rajinikanth.

Rajinikanth has admirers in all political parties. But his choice in election depends on his business in film industry. When his cartoon film Kochadaiiyaan is set to release he cannot take chances of going against anyone.

It is well known that that Rajinikanth has enacted Guru Raghavendra a non business venture  and acted in a floppy Baba. In these films Rajinikanth  should have got Aathma thrupti to the satisfaction of another adviser and friend Cho Ramasamy the propaganda guru for RSS and Sangh Parivaar.

This time an impression has already been created that he prefers BJP which is in company with his one time criticizers PMK.

Kochadaiiyaan is to be released all over India in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu languages and therefore if Rajinikanth prefers a Modi wave, that can help Kochadaiiyaan in running successfully in theaters all over India and abroad. Now Modi has been a promoted brand name. Therefore Associating Kochadiyaan with Modi can reap great benefit nationally and internationally.

Therefore the stands taken by Rajinikanth depends on the date of release of his film and his business. Some people remember still that he expressed solidarity in Tamil causes such as Cauvery, Eelam issues. But it is no different when compared to other actors and politicians. Once he even promised to give Rs.1 crore for linking rivers. It was a dream scene.

In real life with such a big business Super Star cannot act in fight scenes. All are friends. That is a courteous attitude and is appreciable by all. But better Rajinikanth keeps his cards always close to his chests.





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