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Veerappan’s nephew and Osama look-alike Vs Modi

Varanasi,Apr 22 (): Modi’s BJP and Rahul Gandhi’s Congress are at loggerheads in Tamil Nadu is no news. Both of them are facing a full-blooded Vanniyar Tamilian in their constituency is the latest.

Though Dr Ramadoss who has been anointed as the chieftain of Vanniyar castes in Tamil Nadu and is pitching for Modi, the Veera Vanniyar Makkal Iyakam (brave vanniyar peoples’ movement) has fielded P. N Sriramachandran, nephew of slain sandalwood smuggler Veerappan against BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi in Varanasi and against Rahul Gandhi ,the Congress vice- president in Amethi.

Sriramachandran sports a moustache like his uncle;he has started campaigning on Sunday in Amethi and he will start in Varanasi after visiting Kashi Viswanath temple to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva.

He revealed that his uncle had a dream of entering politics and contesting elections. This was cut short by the super cop Vijayakumar who killed him in an encounter. Now the nephew has decided to fulfill his uncle’s dream. He filed his papers on Monday.

He said that like big leaders (read Modi) he too was insecure and that is why he is contesting from two places. He claims that Modi and Rahul have now come to know about him.

If you have a Veerappan look-alike, then Modi has to take on a Osama Bin Laden look-alike in Varanasi. Meeraj Khalid Noor from Patna looks and speaks like the slain terrorist. Apart from his looks and talk, Noor does not believe in Jihad or Taliban.

Varanasi has become a hot spot with 50,000 party workers in the campaign. Though none of the candidates are locals except for Congress Ajay Rai, no one is concerned about it.

Kejriwal is depicted as a man who deserted Delhi for Varanasi. SP leaders Mulayam and son Akhilesh, BSP’s Mayawati and the Gandhi family are headed to this pilgrim city. BJP top brass are already camping in the city and Kejriwal will stay here till it goes to polls on May 12.




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