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Court to order probe into BCCI on April 22

Mumbai,Apr 17 (): BCCI clean up is likely to be ordered by SC in the hearing coming up on April 22. The cricket fraternity is shocked after the SC said that the sealed envelope given by Justice Mudgal committee has 12 names and one of them is BCCI president N Srinivasan.

Sources say that Gavaskar who is now in charge of IPL 7 season might be asked to name a panel within BCCI to look into the 12 charges against Srinivasan and his fellow mates.

SC had so far avoided giving the general public any clue on the contents of the envelope, but when BCCI counsel tried to convince the judges to reinstate Srinivasan, the revelation was that 13 top names in cricket are named and one of them is Srinivasan. 12 allegations have been levied against the sidelined BCCI president. Court also put to rest the speculation that there were six names in the cover.

Srinivasan might have altered the BCCI constitution to suit him, but his tactics failed. The court threw the ball back asking as to how a man who has been named by the committee of various charges can be President when a probe needs to be done.

On the next date of hearing on April 22, the court would order a probe against 13 by CBI, SIT or a BCCI panel. The court said a probe by CBI or SIT would hit the image of cricketers and said that BCCI should clear its name by an in-house panel probe.

Ex-BCCI president had sought the court to remove the ruling in March that there was evidence against him. The court asked as to how Srinivasan is staking claim to be in president’s chair after all the allegations against him are told in a court appointed panel.

The court wondered if Srinivsan took the charges against him lightly. The cricketing world feels that it is end of the road for Srinivasan. The IPL 7 that got underway in Dubai was a sober affair with no celebs in players’ dugout and the party hosted by the royal family to the teams was a closed-door affair.