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Utah woman admits to strangling 6 new born babies

Provo, Utah, Apr 15 (): A woman in the Utah state of US has admitted to strangling and suffocating six of her own new born babies, police say.

39 year old, Megan Huntsman, was on Sunday arrested after her separated husband found out remains of new born babies in boxes in a garage and alerted the authorities.

The Utah woman accused of killing six babies gave birth to at least seven babies over 10 years between 1996 and 2006 in her home, investigators told. According to a statement released on Monday by police, Megan Huntsman all the babies were born alive except one. She put them inside boxes in her garage after either suffocating or strangling the children immediately after she gave birth to them.

The statement said that according to Huntsman, she concealed the bodies of babies inside boxes and kept them inside the garage of the Pleasant Grove residence.

Huntsman’s separated husband, Darren West, called the authorities after seeing a baby in the garage covered in a plastic bag, the statement said. Her husband found the first infant’s body while cleaning out the garage after getting out of jail recently.

Police first went in search of the home on Saturday after obtaining a search warrant and the officers discovered six more bodies at home.

After finding the bodies of tiny infants, Huntsman was arrested on Sunday on murdering six counts. Authorities do not believe Darren West was aware of the killings and he is not a person of interest at this time.

Formal charges have not yet been filed against Huntsman and no other arrests have been made but Utah County Attorney Jeffrey Buhman said the investigation remains open.

The Utah case is similar to a case in France that happened few years ago. In 2010, prosecutors charged a woman with murder after she admitted giving birth to and smothering eight babies over a period of 17 years.




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