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Bharathiraja condemns Tenaliraman critics

Chennai, Apr 14 (): Bharathiraja has slammed those who are opposing the screening of Vadivelu starrer `Thenaliraman’. Telugu groups have threatened to stop the screening of the film saying that it makes mockery of Telugus.

Bharathiraja in an open letter pointed out that Tamil New Years day was given a public holiday in Tamil Nadu alone. At the same time Ugadi the Telugu New Year was a holiday in Tamil Nadu. He said that just a few dialogues in Telugu does not mean that the film has to get clearance from groups that represent the people who speak the language.

Bharathiraja termed this as a systematic attack on Tamil film creators’ creativity. Bharathiraja said that a Tamil actor with an all Tamil crew has made a Tamil film which is now put to test by Telugu groups. Of late the instances of Tamil films after getting censor certificate getting targeted by pressure groups is on the increase. Bharathiraja said that these groups should appeal to Censor Board and not ask the producer to delete the scenes.

Bharathiraja cautioned these pressure groups to not test the patience of the Tamils who believe that anybody who comes to Tamil Nadu will be given recognition. He asked whether a Tamilian can be a politician in neighbouring States and become a minister. In Tamil Nadu it happens. This is our humility, he said. He said that Tenaliraman was a court jester and his antics often looked comical but it had a goal. Are cartoonists attacked and even the biggest dictator Hitler was lampooned by Charlie Chaplin.

At this rate if the producer has to go to various groups before releasing the film then what is the use of Censor office, he asked. He hoped that the Tamil film industry bodies will unite to stop this calculated attack on Tamil films. He said it is sad that Tamils’ selfishness will spell doom for Tamil culture. He said Tamilians have turned into zombies.

According to unconfirmed reports the objection raised by some Telugu groups is backed by Vijayakanth who has a running feud with Vadivelu. Vadivelu and Vijayakanth are neighbours and feud started over petty issues and spilled over to previous State election.

Vadivelu campaigned for DMK against Vijayakanth. Following the rout, Vadivelu went into oblivion. Now he is making a comeback. Bharathiraja’s reference to a non-Tamilian who can enter politics in the State and come to power is also aimed that Vijayakanth who according to his critics is a Telugu speaking Naidu.




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