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MH370 : New last words from cockpit ‘Good night Malaysian three seven zero’

Kuala Lumpur, Apr 1 (): Malaysian authorities have now given out a new message of the final communication between the cockpit and the air traffic control of the disappeared Malaysian flight MH370.

On Monday, the Transport Ministry of Malaysia said the last voice transmission of flight MH370 from the cockpit was “Good night Malaysian three seven zero.”

Weeks ago, the Malaysian authorities stated that the final message from cockpit of the missing airplane was, “All right, good night.”

The authorities in the transport ministry had said the forensic examinations would decide whether those are words of the pilot or co-pilot. They gave no description for the difference between the two messages.

Miles O’Brien, aviation analyst of CNN told no matter what the pilots’ last words were, it was hard to know what they said without knowing more particulars from the authorities on how they said it and what they said.

Without the prior information, either the recordings or the transcript themselves, it would be difficult to understand what any of the messages really means and that was the problem with this investigation, he said, which had been so opaque.

Whereas, Richard Westcott, transport correspondent of BBC said the new version of the final words from the missing plane is more official and is almost similar  to the way a pilot usually speaks to the air traffic control than the words previously reported.

Mystery still baffles the investigators and search operators who are involved in the search operations of the Boeing 777 that disappeared on March 8 with 239 people aboard.

In spite of the false clues and other hindrances that have slowed down the search, officials have vowed to keep looking. A civilian jet, nine ships and ten military planes are taking part in Tuesday’s search in the Indian Ocean. The search area spans a band west of Perth that has 46,300 square miles (120,000 square kilometres), the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said.




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