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Jayalalithaa chopper ride turns choppy

Chennai, Mar 30(): Jayalalithaa’s chopper ride for electioneering in Tamil Nadu has become a target for opposition parties in the state as the election campaign gathers momentum.

Jayalalithaa began her campaign on March 3 from the temple town of Kancheepuram. Jayalalithaa has been criss-crossing the State addressing election rallies, seeking votes for her party which will secure the rights of Tamil Nadu. She is using a chartered helicopter to reach the campaign venues.

The attack on use of helicopter was first made by DMK leader M K Stalin in his campaign against Jayalalithaa by saying that he comes to the doorstep to fight for voter rights unlike Jayalalithaa who is using a chopper and comes only during polls. He said that his vehicles were checked by Election Commission squad but he asked how would one check an airborne chopper. Will they go in an other chopper?, asked Stalin.

DMDK Leader Vijayakanth soon started using the chopper attack in his speeches and it was followed by Chidambaram. He said that if one should go to villages and understand ground realities as done by Late Kamraj, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa through air-hopping will not know what is happening on ground.

Jayalalithaa’s reply was that Chidambaram as Home Minister listed out the security threat to her life. She claimed that it was for security reasons and to reach out to more areas in short time. EC said that Jayalalithaa’s chopper was checked by the squad.

Election commission squads are checking marriage halls and auditoriums to see if parties are using them to hold political functions and if found,they are put under election expenditure of candidate. Serving biryani and giving gifts are banned.

Now this has been circumvented by leaders converting birthdays of toddlers and naming ceremony as meeting point of locals in the area with the candidate. The function serves as a bankroll for the party cadre that comes as a blessing for the parents.




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