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AAP collects Rs 1 crore due to Modi jibe

New Delhi, Mar 27 (): AAP collected Rs 1 crore as donations through online. This huge rise in donations is said to be Modi’s jibe at Kejriwal.

Modi for the first time included AAP and Kejriwal in his hit list in his Jammu campaign. 1208 donors collectively donated Rs 1 crore.

In his first direct attack on the AAP leader, Modi said three AKs in Pakistan are favourites, citing the gun AK-47, defence minister AK Antony and Arvind Kejriwal who was CM for 49 days known as AK-49 .

As soon as Modi’s jibe came out, AAP received Rs 62 lakh from Ganesh Ramani of Hong Kong via cheque. Online donations are credited on the party’s website immediately, contributions through cheques take some time to be realised.

The AAP received the huge amount after Kejriwal announced in Varanasi that he would contest from the constituency and requested public to contribute to the AAP party.

Kejriwal announced that he is ready to challenge Modi with the support of the people. However, he does not have any money. He asked voters to donate money like Madan Mohan Malaviya was helped by donations to build the Banaras Hindu University.

The AAP, which is making a spectacular national debut after its successful electoral outing in the Delhi assembly elections last year, after announcing the decision to field Kejriwal in Varanasi in two days received Rs 18 lakh from 795 donors and 1,246 donors contributed Rs 48 donors on Monday and Tuesday.

BJP who had ignored Kejriwal and AAP is now forced to respond as the Gujarat model is torn to pieces by the candidate against Modi in Varanasi.

AAP after the Delhi poll results has got Rs 17 crore from donors in 104 nations from 70,525 donors. SC had asked the Centre to give fund details of the AAP but so far nothing had been submitted.

Ravi Shankar Prasad, the BJP spokesperson has been told to spread the Gujarat success story as quickly as possible.




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