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Sri Lanka provides air space in hunt for missing Malaysian airplane MH370

Colombo, Mar 18 (): Sri Lanka has given permission to the search groups looking for missing Malaysian Airline jet to use its airspace as search for the plane expands into Indian Ocean.

Satya Rodrigo, director of Sri Lanka External Affairs Public Communications said the government of Sri Lanka had been contacted by the Malaysian embassy in Colombo to give assistance in searching the missing plane MH370 which disappeared suddenly with 239 people on board on March 8.

He confirmed the senior officials of Malaysia had requested to use the air space of Sri Lanka for the flights from Malaysia, New Zealand, the United States and Australia that are indulged in the search operations.

Satya said as this is an unusual situation the permission was given promptly. Reports say the External Affairs Ministry has also asked Sri Lankan embassy in Kuala Lumpur to ask the Malaysian government what other help it could provide in the search operation.

The search operations have entered the 11th day and the officials of Malaysia are now tracking other possible flight paths of MH370. Investigators are also conducting extensive checks on 239 people, who were flying in the airplane, including the passengers, pilots and crew members.

The new search areas declared on Saturday include a northern strip stretching around the borders of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan to northern parts of Thailand and the other area is a southern one that is estimated from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean that also includes Sri Lanka.

The mystery behind the Malaysian plane that took off from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing is still continuing and baffling the security and aviation authorities who had not yet succeeded in tracing the aircraft in spite of using hi-tech radar and other gadgets. NASA has also joined with the international forces to find out the disappeared Malaysian airplane by analysing the satellite images and data collected.




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