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Chennai offers least support to Modi and Kejriwal

Chennai, Mar 18 (): Neither the Prime Minister designate of BJP, Narendra Modi nor the anti-corruption crusader Arvind Kejriwal can captivate the imagination of people of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is the best breeding ground for IT software professionals operating in social media. There is an image that they should opt for Modi or Kejriwal.

But on Sri Lankan Tamil issue, the IT professionals and students actively participated in the protests and therefore a national hero shall be viewed only based on issues closer to the hearts of local people.

The last public meeting of Narendra Modi was held when the NDA was in conception stage. MDMK, PMK and MDMK are now clinching deal and are gathering votes for Modi. But, the untiring cadre strength of DMK and the powerful young brigade of AIADMK are working at grass root level. The Communists have gone alone. The Labour forces have no sympathy for Modi.

The south Chennai constituency is the only hope among the three seats in Chennai for Narendra Modi. Here, AIADMK will not allow Modi to have a good run. In fact, BJP cannot compete with AIADMK  but is going to spoil the chances of AIADMK giving advantage to DMK. There is also a possibility that AAP too is dividing the young voters, again an advantage to DMK. It is a pity that friends Modi and Jayalalithaa are pitted against each other. Both BJP and AAP will be splitting the votes of AIADMK.

Arvind Kejriwal offers a different strategy to Tamil Nadu. While he aims at city voters in other states, he has gone down south of Tamil Nadu. The southern tip of India is the best hope for AAP. The Kudankulam anti-nuclear movement popular among fishermen community has come handy for Arvind Kejriwal. Mr. Udayakumar, the leader of the movement has given the much-needed organisational support for AAP in the southern point of India.

With a local flavour in the name of ‘Eliya Makkal Katchi’ AAP has become EMK. South peninsula  point is in muddy waters. With both Congress and BJP claiming support base here  and AAP entering the fray, it is advantage for AIADMK due to split in votes.

Kudankulam issue, fishermen issue, Mullaiperiyar issue and Sethusamudram issue are the main problems in this area. It shows the election will be fought on issue based votes also. Good. But here too there are too many players with caste and religion playing major vote bank politics.

BJP and Congress party have some influence, even challenging the Dravidian parties here. DMK is caught in the Alagiri tussle. Here only AAP can get some votes.