NASA to look for missing Malaysian plane

NASA to look for missing Malaysian plane

Washington, Mar 17 (TruthDive): NASA has joined with the international forces to find out the disappeared Malaysian airplane by analysing the satellite images and data collected since the Malaysian Airlines plane carrying 239 passengers vanished a week ago from the radar screens.

The world’s leading space agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has started helping in the search operations from Monday. It has begun the search operations using several scientific procedures.

A spokesman of NASA, Allard Beutel had said that the activities going on include the mining data records of the satellite data attained earlier and also by using the space-based resources, such as Earth-Observing-1(EO-1) satellite. The ISERV camera placed on International Space Station has also been used to obtain more new images from the possible crash spots.

The resolution of the images obtained from such instruments could easily identify the objects of nearly 98 feet (30 meters) long or larger, Beutel told. Further, he continued, the space agency will also be sending related data to Earth Resources Observations of US Geological Survey and the Science Hazard Data Distribution System that enables sharing of data whenever International Charter on Space and Major Disasters is stimulated.

The ISERV camera on ISS was installed in 2012 July to observe “the specific zones of the world for environmental studies and disaster analysis”.

The Boeing 777-200 bound to Beijing mysteriously vanished from the radar screens in just one hour after it took off on March 7 from Kuala Lumpur airport. In spite of the massive search operations involving military aircraft and navies from as many as 13 countries, no hint about the missing plane is received yet.

On Friday, Malaysia widened the search operation in Indian Ocean and sought the radar information from India and its neighbouring countries.

The missing jet was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members. Among the passengers were five Indians and 1 Indian-origin Canadian.

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