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Election strategy of Jayalalithaa

Chennai, Mar 13(): At last it appears everything goes according to the predicted plan of Jayalalithaa for the 2014 Parliament election. A multi-cornered political contest.

Several months back Jayalalithaa hinted about her intention of fielding AIADMK candidates in all the forty seats in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. But, Left parties failed to feel that pulse.

Through stage managing a drastic step of ordering the release of persons accused in Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. she aborted even the least possibility of DMK-Congress alliance.

To decimate the effect of PMK in the north Tamil Nadu, she gave maximum representation of 8 seats for Vanniyar community, the maximum number when counted community wise.

With Left parties, Jayalalithaa played the same game she played with Vaiko in the last assembly elections. They are now forced to stand alone and are still not able to criticize her all of a sudden.

Regarding the enhanced reservation for Muslim Community, she has initiated the process. By staying away from BJP, Jayalalithaa has got immunity from anti-minority virus.

Announcing the list of candidates for all the 40 seats, releasing the election manifesto and starting the campaign as the first party, it appears Jayalalithaa has planned everything in advance while her opponents are showing wait and watch attitude towards alliances.

At national level although she showed signs of joining a front organised by Left parties,she suddenly found comforts with Mamata Banerjee who is a sworn enemy of Left parties. Following this a federal front idea is now floating. With Anna Hazare supporting Mamata, this federal front can result in consolidation of non BJP -anti Congress force.

Jayalalithaa’s promise to establish, enforce and sustain Cooperative Federalism is seen as a realistic reflection of the frustrated State Governments over the step-motherly treatment adopted by various Governments at the centre in the past. Her statement that Centre and States would equally share the sovereign power should be with reference to the wrong foreign policies adopted by the Congress-led UPA. Her view that in such a federal set up, the State and Centre would not restrict each other and would act independently within their own sphere of jurisdiction will never be shared by a National party.

She has released election manifesto with a national outlook. Particularly a promise on increasing the income tax limits of individuals catches the imagination of middle class voters. At the regional level, she is projecting herself as the only leader eligible to become the Prime Minister of India. Fortunately for her it is true.

With the people of Tamil Nadu possessing the maturity of differentiating rulers in Delhi and Chennai, the incumbency factor can be nullified if voters feel that in this national scenario she can do it.

The infighting within DMK, the orphaned Congress party, the fragile alliance led by BJP and wavering DMDK, the AAP still in conception stage, all lead to a rosy picture for Jayalalithaa.

Even her opponent Karunanidhi once expressed that he would be happy if Jayalalithaa becomes Prime Minister. May be he is waiting for a vacuum in Chennai if she opts for Delhi. Now, Karunanidhi is also reiterating that he is not for either Modi or Rahul for the post of Prime Minister.

If it results in a situation that Jayalalithaa can become Prime Minister only if DMK supports her then that will end the animosity and ultimately good for the progress of Tamil Nadu. Moreover, she can take the Tamil Nadu model of progress to India which is better than Gujarat model in many respects.





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