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Dalit as Telangana CM remark puts KCR in a fix

Hyderabad, Mar 12 (): Telangana should have a Chief Minister from the Dalit caste was the dream of Rahul Gandhi, said Jairam Ramesh on a tour of Andhra Pradesh. This remark comes at a time when Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) chief KCR has put forward the condition that he should be made CM if his party has an alliance with Congress.

KCR is from Velama community who are feudal land lords. KCR had initially said that if Telangana is created the first CM should be a Dalit. Now that the statehood has been formed, KCR has backtracked and is now projecting himself as the CM candidate. This has angered the dalits and other backward classes in the Telangana State.

TDP which has completely lost hold in the new state is now playing the dalit card. Congress MLAs in Telangana are Reddys, the upper caste landowners. Ramesh said that the Telangana state was created to give social justice to the economically weaker sections and a Dalit CM is the best to do it. The remark has left TRS, the CM aspirant and the Reddy fuming.

23 Congress MLAs out of 50 in Telangana are from Reddy caste. The dalits and OBC who are peasants say that KCR as CM will usher in the feudal (Dora in Telugu) rule. With TDP and Congress pitching for lower caste votes, the Reddys and Velama group are in a quandary.

Meanwhile, AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh is coming to either ink a deal or part ways with TRS. The Reddy lobby in Congress is not keen to have KCR as CM . Ramesh’s comment has further soured the TRS–Congress stand-off. TRS reaction was that the Polavaram project was scuttled by Ramesh and hampered progress of Telangana. Digvijay will have to explain the poaching of TRS MLAs and admitting KCR’s arch rival Vijayashanti into Congress.




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