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AAP makes an impact in Modi’s land

New Delhi, Mar 9 (): AAP has been able to create a space in Gujarat politics, feel analysts. Even though the study tour of Kejriwal to rate Modi’s growth story came to an end with the AAP of repeated line that Modi is an agent of Ambani, it has emerged as an alternative style of politics to a certain extent.

Kejriwal has dared to go into Modi’s bastion and voice his anti-Modi remarks. BJP has done its bit by pelting stones and creating road blocks to road shows by police. This garnered him great TV time right in Modi’s land. Though his road shows did not draw huge crowds, they were widely covered by TV.

Police helped him to get national coverage by detaining him and AAP supporters storming into BJP office in Delhi. He was released quickly but by then he was made out to a be a victim of Modi’s plans in his attempt to storm Gujarat. He told the crowds that the success story was a sham. He told a rally that Vajpayee as PM used his funds to build a hospital in Bhuj after the earthquake. Now, the hospital is run by Adani who does not give treatment to the poor.

Opinion polls said that BJP would cross the highest tally of 20 out of 26 during Vajpayee time and Keshubhai as CM. Modi in 2004 won 14 and Congress got 12 seats. In 2009 , BJP increased it to 15 and Congress came down to 11. The situation after Kejriwal’s visit has changed from the BJP-Congress fight.

AAP is now seen as a party that can challenge Modi. Muslims are said to be seeing AAP as an alternative force to take on Modi. It has to be seen as to whether AAP will make the debut in Modi’s land.




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