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Service tax on Modi rally by Chidambaram

New Delhi, Feb 18 (): Modi rallies will invite one percent service tax if the Union excise ministry circular is enforced. The circular has come from Chandigarh unit of excise ministry. Chandigarh has not seen any rallies so far.

Chidambaram reduced excise duty on cars,TV and AC. BJP’s PM candidate Modi and FM P Chidambaram are engaged in a war of words over the interim budget. As per the order, each visitor to the Modi rally will have to pay Re 1 per head. BJP has fumed at this and said that after the chaiwallah jibe this is next from Congress dirty tricks department.

Soon after the interim budget was finished, Chidambaram took a jibe at Modi’s remark that Gujarat progress was because of hard work and not Harvard. Chidambaram said that his mother and Harvard taught him hard work. Modi asked whether economist PM and Harvard FM were working hard or hardly working. Chidambaram said that Modi who does not spell out his stance on economics cannot be engaged in a debate. He had termed that Modi’s knowledge of economics can be written on the back of a stamp.

Modi replied that his economic promises have been delivered. The budget was termed by Modi as final act of misery after a decade of decay. Chidambaram said that the growth rate has been maintained above the trend. He said that in the 33 years, the past ten years has seen the highest growth rate and Modi is using fake facts like fake encounters. He asked the media to not retweet this.

Chidambaram when asked about Modi’s comments on budget said that he did not want to get into a school boy kind of debate. Yesterday Chidambaram ruled out lifting curbs on gold imports but today he agreed to look into it. The general opinion is that Chidambaram has left a big debt legacy and no revenue for the coming government as excise duty cuts for consumer goods are till June. The new government will have to raise taxes for revenue and in turn fuel inflation. The farm sector output has increased and food inflation has tapered.




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