New apps rush in for Valentine’s Day

New apps rush in for Valentine’s Day

Washington, Feb 11 (TruthDive): Love is starting to fill the air as Valentine’s Day is nearing. Apart from the roses and gifts that are going in demand for the V-day sales, new apps have rushed in for Valentine’s Day.

An app called ‘NoWait’ lets users view how booked a restaurant is and has virtual waiting lists. The app shows how many people are ahead on a restaurant list and the estimated wait time. It will also send a notification when a table becomes available.

Thousands of restaurants across the United States are available on the app, which launched last week on iOS and Android devices. Some other apps aim to modernize and simplify the act of giving flowers on Feb. 14.

Using ProFlowers app for iOS, and Bouqs app for iOS and Android devices, the users can order flowers from smartphones for delivery the next day. App ProFlowers allows users to pay for the flowers by taking a photo of their credit card.

BloomThat app is another new app for iOS. In the San Francisco area, serious procrastinators can have flowers delivered with a hand-written note in 90 minutes via BloomThat. The app also sends out a notification when the flowers are sent and delivered.

Another new app Minibar will deliver wine. For couples in New York City, if one needs a bottle of wine on Valentine’s Day, Minibar will deliver one within 60 minutes. The users have to enter their ZIP code, select wines or spirits and continue to checkout.

Shuttersong, a free app for iOS devices, can be used for last-minute Valentine’s Day cards. The app lets people send audio-enabled photos immediately via social networks, text and email.

The company has joined with the American greetings card company to deliver virtual Valentine’s Day cards that can be modified with a voice-over or music clip. A pack of 10 cards costs US$1.99 and can be used an indefinite number of times.

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