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BJP alliance most preferred in Tamil Nadu-survey

Chennai, Jan 27 (): BJP-led alliance is expected to make gains in Tamil Nadu with 40.88% of the electorate favouring Narendra Modi as PM according to a survey conducted by Junior Vikatan, the Tamil weekly.

The survey conducted door to door in 39 LS constituencies threw up this result. The magazine with a circulation of two lakh readership sent out 90 reporters with students from journalism schools to help them carry out the survey. A total of 9174 persons were interviewed out of which 3400 were women.

The magazine editor cross-checked the bonafides of the address and names to make it free from manipulation. 22.7% said Jayalalithaa’s AIADMK-Left combine was their choice and DMK, which was said to be set for a rout has 21.7 % support surprisingly. DMK has only one percent difference with the AIADMK.

BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi got 48.49% support and Congress-Rahul Gandhi got a poor 15.36%, followed by Jayalalithaa with 12.47% and current PM finished last.

The survey also gives out the views of the electorate on the alliances. BJP has at present finalized poll alliance with MDMK and is hoping to rope in DMDK or PMK. Majority of the persons interviewed find this alliance to be contradictory in nature. 41% were of this view while 30% thought it to be a good formation against Congress.

DMK leader M Karunanidhi’s decision that his party would not align with Congress is seen by 52% as mere opportunism. Around 35% felt that the LS poll would see DMK getting isolated and 31% felt it would not happen. Though DMK thinks that an alliance with DMDK could work wonders, 41% termed it as sheer opportunism and 38% said that the people would vote against this move.

Junior Vikatan was the first to conduct a survey on acceptance of Narendra Modi as PM. It was made in January last year when BJP had not officially announced the candidate. The poll results showed 58% of those interviewed expressing their support to Modi.

The survey more or less supports the view of Alagiri that DMK allying with DMDK will do no good. Dr Swamy who merged his party with the BJP has expressed his resentment on alliance with MDMK and PMK. He termed it as contradictory and formed with no common ideology. He said such a formation would help AIADMK to win all seats in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

The State BJP unit says that Rajnath Singh has given his approval. Swamy claims that the alliance will get approval only after discussions in the central committee.




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