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Jilla latest news (Dec 13) : Vijay-Mohanlal stunt scene shot in Hyderabad

Chennai,Dec 13 ():  Jilla produced under the banner RB Choudhry’s Super Good Films is fast nearing completion, with major portions of the film already canned, to get it ready for release in Pongal 2014.

Recently, an elaborate stunt scene in which Vijay and  Mohanlal  are fighting the villains was shot in Hyderabad. Reports say the film producer RB Choudhry had purchased an 100-acre corn field in Hyderabad especially for this purpose. A portion  of the field was smoothed out and Vijay-Mohanlal fighting sequence was shot in the spot for nearly ten days. About 40 stuntmen are said to have taken part in the fight sequence.

This has reportedly cost the producer Rs one crore. This blazing hot fight shots  had been canned using a camera called Helicam. The film makers say that the shots and the extensive corn field captured with this Helicam would make for a remarkable visual treat for the film audience when they would watch it in theatres.

Cinematographer Aravind has handled the Helicam for the Vijay-Mohanlal fight shot. Vijay was in total awe of the manner Aravind has captured the shots and Vijay has said Aravind’s method of capturing it would go down well with the film audience and would also tell them all about the risks the actors take during fight scenes.

Meanwhile, Jilla crew has confirmed the audio release date. Jithan Ramesh, one of the producers of Jilla has officially confirmed audio release date as  December 21,when the trailer of the film is also expected to be rolled out.

Debutant director RT Nesan  is in charge of story, dialogue and direction of Vijay-starrer Jilla.




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