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World Chess Championship Game 8 ends in draw, Carlsen moves closer to title

Chennai, Nov 20 (): World chess champion Viswanathan Anand and Norwegian young challenger Magnus Carlsen made another quick draw in game 8 on Tuesday, thus bringing 22-year-old Carlsen close to winning the 12-game match. Magnus Carlsen leads the 12 match series with 4 games to go against Viswanathan Anand.

Carlsen leads 5-3 and needs to score another 1.5 points in the next four games to clinch the World Chess Championship title. Anand needs at least two wins in the next four games to level scores.

The eighth game ended in just 75 minutes with 33 moves giving the sign that the defending champion Anand might be crawling back after some tough games and tougher defences he has had to put in. From Carlsen’s viewpoint, the draw took the Norwegian a step closer in his title quest.

Carlsen played very quickly in Game 8 as the two players headed into a theoretically equal position, known since the 1880s. It was on the seventh move the first exchange took place, a pair of knights changing hands and five moves later a pair of rooks flew off the board.

By move 21, most of the pieces had been exchanged, leaving a completely symmetrical structure, with no predictions. On move 25, Carlsen opened a drawing combination that ensured every piece was exchanged and the draw was quickly agreed on move 33.

Anand in the post-match conference said as per the match situation he had been expected to liven things up and he would try to do it in the next game.

The ninth game will be played on Thursday and it is the most crucial game for Anand. After a rest day on Wednesday, the defending world chess champion will get white pieces on Thursday and a victory can still keep him in the hunt to guard his title.




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