What happens to diseased Apple iPads once resold?

Washington, Nov. 2 (ANI): Once damaged, the Apple iPads still contain some value that allow them to be revived and resold to wholesalers overseas.

Those iPads that can’t be revived or that are damaged are mined for their parts and then recycled, and once set in working and retrievable condition; they are sold to a wholesaler and refurbished.

Anthony Scarsella, Chief Gadget Officer at Gazelle, a company that buys used technology and resells them to wholesalers, said that typically the recycled products go to buyers in Latin America, Hong Kong, Africa, Fox News reports.

Scarsella explained that to buy these products new in some third world countries is extremely expensive, with prices that are much higher than in the US adding that right now there is an insatiable demand in secondary markets for older and unwanted devices.

Founder of Usell.com, a marketplace that connects consumers directly with wholesalers who want to buy used technology, Nik Raman, said that Apple devices retain value the most and they depreciate by about 5 percent per month, whereas Android devices depreciate by about 10 percent per month.

With latest models of iPads coming in with Retina displays, including the latest iPad Air, people are increasingly selling off their old version of the product for the newer one.

According to the report, Apple’s own trade-in program is part of its Reuse and Recycling program, which is run in partnership with PowerOn Services.

Trade-in programs of Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, GameStop, Office Depot, Radio Shack, and Walmart in addition to services like Gazelle, NextWorth, and Usell.com, offer gift cards or hard cash via check or PayPal. (ANI)

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