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Congress MP slams right to reject order

New Delhi, Oct 12 ():Congress MP Bhalchanda Mungekar and former VC of Mumbai University have asked the Speaker of both the houses to convene a special session to discuss the Supreme Court order giving voters the right to reject. He said in a letter that this would only weaken democracy. He asked the PM to convene the Parliament and set right the anomaly.

The SC is hitting at the representative parliamentary democracy foundation and will create operational chaos by giving voters the fundamental right to reject all candidates. He said by making right to reject as fundamentally makes it more powerful than the right to vote being termed statutory only. Right to vote is the soul of representative parliamentary democracy,Congress MP said SC its own order, says the negative votes will be recorded on the EVMs, but won’t be counted and if more than 50 per cent of the electorate rejects all candidates and it would lead to re-election.

It is a futile exercise of only recording negative votes and not counting them since it will have no impact on the election result. In this situation the option for reelection if more than 50 percent negative votes demand it is contradictory to the first provision of mere recording negative votes said the Congress MP.

The Rajya Sabha Congress MP said right to reject is not a solution and instead, the voters should be educated to force the political parties to put up candidates with a clean image.

The Congress led Centre had stated that an election is meant to elect and not to reject. It also said that adding a rejection button will further confuse voters and does not serve any purpose.
Political parties have not made their views on right to reject . The BJP had asked for a detailed debate on it. The Left had doubts on what purpose it hoped to serve. Anna Hazare and Aam Aadmi had asked for a right to reject and a right to recall legislation.




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